Tim, Sovereign of Alcheic (Part 3)Mature

The town of Silverbow had not entirely burned, Zane found out. Dead Great Lizards littered the streets he passed, all of them impailed on spears of concrete emerging from the ground. The buildings in this area were only partially burned, with people moving to put out other fires. Since the flames were made with Mystics instead of naturally, they lasted longer and were harder to put out. Luckily, there were some Water users about, though.

'Good,' Zane thought to himself as he pulled Thorn around a massive red corpse. 'I won't have to deal with any more of those filthy beasts.'

Now, he just needed to get out of Silverbow and get Thorn to lead them to the next location. Sands, what if that was taken over as well? Damn Lizards had to attack when Zane came over to the stupid Plains for the very first time! If only he could kill the scarred beasts...

Thorn grew havier in his grasp. Zane started to curse at the damn woman, but he realized she had fallen. Sands, she was just a lovely help today! Zane's own body was still sore as well.

"Stand up, stupid sandreaver!"

Thorn cracked a smile. "Sorry, love," she said annoyingly, "I forced my body too much with Mind. Seems like I'm at my limit." The filthy woman managed to wink at him. "Congrats on being the first to wear me out, handsome."

With that, the filthy woman passed out. Zane cursed loudly, causing a nearby man to look concerned and head over. Zane snapped at him and told the sandreaver to mind himself lest he lose an arm. That sent the idiot away. Nothing else to do after that but pick up Thorn and carry her out. Zane wasn't about to stick around where Great Lizards were...

Great Lizards. They were real. Zane shivered.


Rhazin sat on the mountain. The name of this particular mountain had escaped him, though he was sure it had been known to him. He was positive... No, there were other matters to consider. The Void inside him raged to be used, something that was not natural. He had to decide now. He had to...

A curse escaped Rhazin's lips. He nearly jumped at that, too. He was not one to curse. No, that was something that vagabonds and ruffians did. Not Rhazin. He was calm. He was collected. He was one without emotion. Well, excessive emotion.

Oh, what had he done, though?

The memories were foggy. He remembered his sin. Saeron, the king of Faerein, had always been harsh and cold to Rhazin, but he had given him much more. He allowed Rhazin to come in and out of the castle, train with Monstroth, and even helped fund some of his training missions with his Master. Sure, the man had given excuses like Rhazin was a danger that had to be watched, but still... He didn't deserve to be killed.

Why? Why did Rhazin do it? He couldn't remember... He just remembered coming to and seeing the bloody blade in his... Scarred Father... Rhazin shook his head. What would Monstroth say? Did his friend even like him anymore? Rhazin could have wept at the thought of being alone again.

No! Think! What happened? How did he get here? His master! He had helped Rhazin escape, then... Then Rhazin got to the Isles of Murdos, he joined the Great Race, and... didn't he win? Yes, he won. He was named Rhazin Dower, given a Voidblade, and even a mask. Rhazin felt the sword at his belt. No doubt, that weightlessness made it a Voidblade. Those memories were real.

What else? Rhazin felt there should be more to that. How had he gotten on top of this grassy mountain? Fog prevented him from seeing much further than his own body, but a stone pillar with odd symbols stood nearby. That seemed to be important, but Rhazin couldn't fathom why.

A roar in the air announced a Great Lizard that landed beside Rhazin. This one was white, but for some reason it's appearance didn't bother Rhazin much. Not even when a voice he knew originated from the beast spoke to him.

'Little one,' it said slowly, as if having to think over exactly how to speak, 'We move out this day. I was told to let you know.'

Rhazin smiled slightly, then accessed Void. As usual, the calmness of the Mystic overcame him, making emotions a distant thing. It was a very comforting thing, for some reason. Then, he accessed Flame. Hot and cold flashes spread across his body in an instant, though dulled by Void's presence.

Rhazin was not sure how he pulled on both Mystics, but it seemed natural. Right, even. He didn't even think on how it was deemed impossible by anyone other than the Scarred Father himself. Instead, he mixed the two Mystics together, forming something that he knew to be called a Shadow Flare.

The black flame appeared in his hand. Rhazin just stared at it for a moment, forgetting the great white beast perching next to him on the mountain. It was a beautiful creation, though maintaining it took a lot of effort on Rhazin's part. That strain was distant, though.

"Beast," Rhazin said calmly, still smiling, "My friend is out there somewhere. I should find him."

The Lizard seemed to hesitate for a moment and in that moment, Rhazin struck. The Shadow Flare flew through the air and into the beast. As it touched the spikes, it did not spread of burst, as most fires would do when thrown by a Flame user. No, this flame sunk into the beast and vanished inside it's vile guts.

'What did-'

The beasts repulsive words would never finish. Instead, the thing gave a jerk, then collapsed on the ground. From it's mouth came a stream of blood. Rhazin could have walked away easily, but it was just so funny! He even started to laugh wildly, letting go of Flame as he did.

"Ah, freedom is such a grand thing!" Rhazin shouted to the dead Lizard. "It allows me to do whatever I wish!" A Voidgate appeared before Rhazin. "Now to go see my dear old friend!"

Laughing, Rhazin touched the Voidgate, leaving the corpse of the Great Lizard behind.

The End

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