Tim, Sovereign of Alcheic (Part 2)Mature

Zane jerked around in surprise only to find a tall man with a grey robe covering just about every part of his slender body. A hood was pulled up, but Zane could make out the newcomers face. Handsome, at least any filthy woman would say, with bright blue eyes. His head looked to have short black hair. Who in the scarred sands was...

An emblem representing Alcheic Mystics hung from the robes, just over the right breast. No, Zane wasn't that lucky. Probably an imitator rather than the actual Sovereign of Alcheic. Sands!

"Look, I don't have time to help you're filthy arse as well as the woman's," Zane snapped, looking back to the Frog. It had resumed eating whatever it had been when Thorn interrupted. The fool woman was staring at him from the other building, so at least she was alive.

The newcomer strolled past Zane and toward the Frog. "I told ye," he said as he walked, "Ain't no place fer ye 'ere. Begone with ye." He never slowed, but he did pull his filthy hood back, showing off his black hair. Was this man insane?

The beast turned at the sound and roared loudly once more. Zane nearly fell on his arse trying to back away. That damn sandreaver was going to lead the thing over to where Zane was! Sands! Thorn appeared beside him just then, making him even more annoyed.

"Well," she said, sounding not just a little tired, "He sure is handsome. Who is he, sweetie?" Zane didn't have time to dignify the damn woman with an answer, as the newcomer had come face to face with the Frog... and two other red Great Lizards that appeared from the skies.

"Come! All o' ye!" the robed man yelled. He spread his legs in some stance Zane was not sure of and placed a hand on the ground. The beasts attacked moments later.

Then they died.

It started with the Frog, as it was the closest. The ground, made of pavement to prevent Mineral users from using it, produced a spike and pierced the beast through the neck. It stopped moving just after another spike of pavement ran through one of the red Lizard's gut. The last of the Lizards charged before the Frog had even stopped moving. It landed on top of the robed fool, yet it screamed in pain the moment claw met cloth. Zane had to close his mouth after he saw the man had warped the beast into a mass of flesh where he had been touched.

And then Zane realized he was gawking at a man surrounded by three dead Lizards. Filth! That level of control over Alcheic... it had to be the Sovereign of Alcheic! There was no other explanation. Sands, he was good. Zane knew the Sovereigns were powerful, but exerting Alcheic onto an object was no easy feat. Changing a person who resisted - let alone a scarred Great Lizard! - was even harder. To do what this man had done... Well, Zane hated himself for abmitting it, but he didn't think he would ever be able to.

"Guess we're saved, love," Thorn said with a faint smile. "Should we ask who this newcomer is? With that much skill, he has to be the best in the world."

"He is the best Alcheic user in the world, idiot," Zane said, standing up and dusting himself off as best as possible. He was a firstborn son of the Zalazor family. He had to show respect. Sands, this red jacket was not fit for talking to a Sovereign! "That's the Sovereign of Alcheic, Timothy."

"Sovereign?" Thorn asked, making a amusing look on her filthy face. "Not sure I believe in that fancy stuff, handsome."

Zane growled. "They exist, you stupid sandreaver of a woman. They are just as real as you are, though Scarred Father knows I wish you weren't real."

"Aww, he's grumpy," Thorn teased, sounding tired still. Couldn't that fool woman catch her breath? "Here comes your Sovereign, my grumpy boy."

Sure enough, the man was now within earshot. Zane cursed himself for letting the sandreaver take his attention. As soon as the Sovereign was close enough for talking, Zane bowed deeply and placed a hand on his breast upon straightening.

"Greetings, Sovereign," Zane said formally, "I thank you for your assistance and ask that you forgive my rudeness moments ago. I have shamed the Zalazor family of Faerein with my indescretion."

The man seemed taken back for a moment. "Well, s'pose thar's no harm in yer words," he said, nodding as he talked. "Ye were jus' a frightened little fledgling thar. Yer family is nae dishonored in th' least, lad."

The Sovereign's way of speaking was odd, but Zane had to be polite. Even if that damn Thorn was giggling like a baffoon.

"Lassie," the Sovereign continued, looking at Thorn, "Ye shouldn't try to peer into me mind. Sovereigns cannae use thar mystics on one another." He took one look at both Zane and Thorn and then shook his head. "Begone with ye! I'll covere yer escape."

Zane wanted to fight with the Sovereign -  a part of him longed to learn from the man, as well - but he saw the logic. Logic over passion, his father loved to say. He was right, too. So, Zane grabbed Thorn's arm, ignoring her remark about him being romantic, and ran toward Silverbow's border. His body was too tired and sore to fight anyway.

Sands, but it was true...


The End

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