Tim, Sovereign of Alcheic (Part 1)Mature

"...up! You need to get up!"

Zane groaned as he became aware of his body. It was stiff and sore all over for some reason. Sands! Why was he seeing everything blurry?! Did that filthy woman drug him or something!? He had been drugged once. Victoria had thought him cheating her out of time with Zero. He had woken on the streets. Damn woman didn't even believe their father forced Zane to try and train that sandreaver! 

Though... Thorn was not the type to poison. Wait... 

Surrounding flames made themselves clear in Zane's vision. He was in the streets for some reason, surrounded by burning buildings. But that wasn't right... They were made of stone, right? What kind of damn stone building burned!? Thorn appeared next. She was leaning over him, looking as filthy as ever. And yet, he felt himself happy she was finally up. It meant less work for him and the sooner they could find Zero. Wait, why was she down in the first place? Sands!

"I know a street is just the loveliest place you like to nap, but we have to move now!" She did not have the slightest annoying look of triumph on her filthy face, making Zane feel even more alarmed. 

He sat up and, reluctantly, stood with Thorn's help. Sands, the entirety of Silverbow was burning! And, were those... Great Lizards in the air? No mistaking it... The red tint, long spikes, and wings defined the beasts that flew around as filthy Lizards. Damn. What else could go wrong?

"How am I not dead?" Zane asked Thorn. Surely the beasts would have seen an easy meal in him. No other citizens were on the filthy road. 

"The Healer healed you before escaping, handsome," Thorn said with a forced smile. "Now let's go, OK?"

Zane nodded. What did she mean healer? Wait... Sands! He remembered now! That masked man had talked to him, then... then... That Lizard appeared and attacked with it's damn tail! Damn, how HAD he survived that?! People were supposed to be cut in half by the swing of those beasts' tails!

Well, no need to worry about that... 

"Where are we going to run?" Zane shouted to Thorn, who was just ahead. Sands, he hated feeling stiff. At least the pain wasn't bad. "The damn creatures can easily catch us!" 

She didn't answer, of course. Zane, curse the Scarred Father, was forced to follow and watch the skies for those filthy beasts. Scars, he was actually scared of one of them finding him! Fighting a few men was one thing, but a Great Lizard!? Even Father and Craetor wouldn't call him a coward for this! 

Thorn turned a corner, prompting Zane to run to catch up. Of course, running was a bad idea as he damn near knocked the filthy woman over. People shouldn't stop right after turning a corner if they were leading someone! But, before Zane could tell the filth that, he saw the Great Lizard before him. 

It was unlike the others, however. 

This Lizard was just as big as the red ones and it was a deep blue instead of red. Zane tried to stay silent, but he couldn't help but curse when he saw it had smaller spikes than the red's covering every inch of it's skin. That made this a Water using Great Lizard. Zane had read on these damn things. They were dangerous. Sands, why did he have such terrible luck!

"Thorn," Zane whispered. "That is what's called a Frog. They shoot saliva using their Water Mystic. It's very sticky and can force you to be unable to move it. It's a dangerous filthy beast." Thorn nodded. She obviously didn't know anything about the creatures. Zane only knew because his father made him study them. It was a pain, but now he was thankful. "Back away before-"

Too late.

The Frog noticed them, roaring louly to show it too. Damn prideful thing. Zane barely had enough time to throw himself to the side as a wad of what could only be saliva shot out. Sands! That had nearly hit him! Was that woman alright? He didn't want to have to drag her overly sized arse out of here!

She lay close to a building. It wasn't really a building, honestly, just a burnt husk of one. Not even on fire anymore. Damn, how long was he out? Well, he had more important things to worry about at the moment. 

"Lads ought to not fight these 'ere beasties," a voice bellowed from behind Zane.

The End

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