Void Travel (Part 3)Mature


Leader sighed once more. This was just... ridiculous.

Zero, the boy he had been introduced to just two weeks prior, had MASTERED Air mystics at a Sovereign level. The only thing he lacked was self-control. Well, that and his breathing still needed work. But still... 

Scars and Marks!

Was this what his old master Jons meant by it being better the younger the apprentice was? Or was Zero a special case. Maybe it was both? The boy had forgotten any bit of fear. Now he only seemed to be excited to learn even more. Leader didn't want to tell him he didn't have anything left to teach him. 

"What is next, Master," Zero asked, holding his shoe above his hand with a blast of air from the palm. That took true skill due to having to regulate the air flow and focus the direction. Plus, the old shoe looked like it had holes in it, which affected stability. 

Leader looked about the dull room. The only light was a floating flame on a nearby wall. That would be one of those scarred men with masks using Flame. They had to create a point before the door was sealed and then hold it. Easy for a trained Flame user. 

"Boy, I think you need a little more work on your breathing for now." Leader pushed himself up with a gust that sent dust from the ground flying everywhere. Zero had a small amount of Air flowing from his exposed body, though, so the child was spared any coughing. "After you perfect that, I'll teach you something really cool." He smiled at the boy in his traditional confident manner. 

"Really!?" Zero shouted, dropping the shoe. "What is it?"

Leader shook his head and leaned against a wall. Dear Creator, standing was getting tough. He had been here for too long. "First comes breathing."

Zero nodded, but still looked ready to pout. Leader somehow knew this boy would become a danger if he wasn't taught right at an early age. The other Sovereigns thought Air to be weak, but Immortals who were alive during the Great War knew how dangerous Air really was. Zero was proving to be the most powerful Air Sovereign yet, as well...

Leader shook his head. He needn't think of that. "Zero, how well can you use your other Mystics?" He still only half believed this child had five Mystics.

"I can't use Mind that good," Zero said, breathing methodically between words. "And my Plasma is only good enough to heal some small stuff." He stopped his breathing and brightened up. "But Father told me I got really good at Mineral and Water, thanks to Princess Kaela. She's the best."

Boy knew a princess, huh? Kaela... Was that Craetors little girl? She was probably a beauty by now. Not that Leader would be seeing her in this lifetime. Life was cruel. At least he knew Zero was from the desert now. "OK, boy, show me how good you can use Mineral. I expect a lot from a desert lad."

Zero nodded and opened his palm. For a moment, all the boy did was lick his lips. Well, Mineral was said to make one feel dry. Kind of like how Water made you thirsty, Leader guessed. Not much of a fallback, really. Lucky. 

Leader was about to ask if Zero had told him a lie when he noticed a small ball in Zero's hand. "Is that all you can use?" Leader asked, looking around the dim cell. Surely there were some rocks in here. Those masked men should have given him some to make this place even more gloomy. 

"Sorry... I just gathered all the dust."

"The... dust?" Leader barked a laugh. He had forgotten that most desert dwellers could grab hold of the small grains of sand instead of just large rocks like the men in the plains. So, was it such an oddity if one child can grab invisible dust? 

Still.. Leader shot a stream of Air onto the ground from his finger. Sure enough, no dust was sent flying. "Well done, lad. Now I'm going to teach you something that will make someone like you a truly powerful Sovereign."

Zero perked up and let the ball of dust fall. It exploded back into it's original form the moment it hit the ground. "Really!?"

Leader nodded. This boy would become powerful in the future. He knew it. And... he only hoped he would stay on the righteous path. Leader didn't have enough life in him to teach Zero the ways of Sovereign. Perhaps one of the others could... 

"I am going to teach you how to switch between your Mystics instantly," Leader told his apprentice. His last apprentice, now that he thought about it. "This will not be easy, though."

In truth, it was incredibly difficult. No two Mystics could be used at the same time by a single person. The best one could do was release one Mystic and attune themselves to the next. Mineral users would feel themselves become dry, Leader guessed, and Air users would start breathing heavier. Switching instantly was dangerous due to the side effects hitting the user instantly. Leaders first time had him choking to get air into his body. Air's side effect had nearly killed him. But... Maybe it would be easier for Zero. The boy had a definite skill in Mineral and Air. 

Maybe he could perfect it before Leader tried his escape.

The End

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