Void Travel (Part 2)Mature

Naetia didn't say anything. 

"Girl," the Sovereign said maliciously, "Sovereign Heric and me have talked before. Many times actually. He has told me the extent of his powers. He may restore limbs, heal mental illnesses, and even repair a dagger through the heart if he is quick enough. Even specialists of Plasma cannot do so much. I also know he is in Murdos." The Sovereign picked up Naetia by her arm. She winced slightly in the darkness, but kept a blank face otherwise. "Do you really think he will leave for here to heal what I do to you? A kidnapper and criminal?"

Monstroth felt terrible. Not only had he killed a man, but now his master was threatening to harm Naetia... Surely she was forced to do this? Her brother had been demanding and in control. He must had made her follow him. 


The Sovereign glanced at Monstroth. "Do not interfere, boy. This woman had a choice to do what she did. She was weak, so she allowed herself to be used and in turn use your naivety against you. It placed you - and the future of the Mineral Sovereign title - at risk."

Monstroth understood. Sands, he wished he didn't, but he did. It would be like fifty years prior when the Sovereign of Water disappeared with no apprentice to take his place. The Great War had been the cause of that, of course. Sovereign Jeroha was lost to the Lizards. This time would end in another Sovereign disappearing. 

Naetia mumbled something just then.

"What was that, girl?" the Sovereign snapped. "Speak up!"

"M-mar.." she said, looking to now be on the verge of tears. "They were going... to take him to Mar..." Monstroth's Master smiled cruelly and dropped Naetia, who fell to her arse and began sobbing. 

"Matt, we have a location now," the Sovereign said to the black cloaked man. "Have you been to Mar before?" The man was quiet but nodded. Monstroth deducted he was a Void user but couldn't focus on it. He felt like he needed to say something to Naetia. Maybe he could set her on the right path. "We'll take the girl with us." 

"Master? Why take her?" Monstroth may have felt sorry for her, but that didn't mean he wanted a woman who had tried to kidnap him tagging along...

"We may need a guide. Or a hostage." From that smile and the way his Master said it, Monstroth had no doubt that Naetia would be just that. Poor... No, Monstroth had to remember what she was. What she had tried to do. Yet, he couldn't seem to blame her. If anything, he felt like he was in the wrong for... killing... her brother. Scarred Father, was he a murderer now?

He certainly felt like one.

"Matt, open a Voidgate," the Sovereign said. "Make it outside of Mar. We don't need the Nightguard killing you on sight."

Monstroth helped Naetia to her feet the best he could as his Master instructed the Void user on what the plan was. Monstroth only caught little bits of it. He was still not in his right mind. He doubted he would ever be the same. Was this how his Father had felt after his first battle with the bandits in Faerein?

Naetia barely stood without help. Whether it was an act to put Monstroth off or just her own shock, he didn't know, but he was sure she didn't feel like fighting while a Sovereign and a Void user were around her. No sane person would. 

Matt moved in front of Monstroth and Naetia, followed by the Sovereign. "When I touch it, we will need to be connected physically. I do not mean clothing, I mean skin. You understand, yes?" The man had an odd accent, but Monstroth understood. He had been through a Voidgate before when he and Rhazin were younger. It was sort of scary at first, but he had gotten used to it over time.

The small Flame the Void user had in his hand disappeared, causing the alleyway to plunge into darkness once more. Only Monstroth probably saw when the swirling ball of darkness appeared in between the four of them. His Master placed a hand on Monstroth's exposed wrist and Monstroth did the same for Naetia, who now seemed to be moving away from the Voidgate. 

"No running now, girl," the Sovereign said just before Matt touched the Voidgate. 

In an instant, Darkness itself covered the world. It made the alleyway look like a source of light in comparison. Monstroth floated in this sea of black, only feeling Naetia and his Master's touch. From the tightness of his Master, he could tell he had been in a Voidgate before. People who were let go and disconnected from the Void user would drop into the world in a random place. People had been found in the mountains, frozen to death. They were some of those lost in the Darkness.

As soon as the Darkness came, though, it ended. A massive expanse of light green grass appeared around them. Monstroth couldn't help but be amazed. There wasn't a single tree, pond, hill, or anything else he had expected around. It was like a desert of grass! The sun was just about gone, too, giving him a clear view. 

"Welcome to the Scarred Plains, boy," the Sovereign said, "The only place that can compare to the Faerein Desert in size." 

The End

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