Void Travel (Part 1)Mature

Monstroth felt the comfortable dryness go through his body as he pulled on his boots and lifted them. To the man in front of him, Monstroth must have looked desperate. Well, he wasn't wrong, to be honest. But, Monstroth would like to have believed he had grown in the past few weeks. Learning from his Master and fighting those assassins had made him less timid. 

He thought. He was still shaking with fear from the thought of fighting for his life. 

"So, you're going to fight me with some boots?" the man said in a joking manner. He turned to his sister, Naetia, for a moment. "Sister, make sure you watch this. You still have much to learn when it comes to Flame. I'll only need Flame for this one anyway."

The man threw his ball of fire in Monstroth's direction. The large prince was reminded of Rhazin's attacks when they dueled. A talented Flame user could throw their 'points' at people or places, but a truly powerful user could throw it faster. Rhazin's Flame Mystic was fast enough to surprise Monstroth every time. This man was nowhere near that level. 

Monstroth dodged to the side with ease, some of his fear leaving him. This man was nothing compared to Rhazin. He could win this. The tattooed man, however, didn't seem fazed by this. Instead, he created two more flames, once more illuminating the dark alley, and threw them both. 

One ball of fire was dispersed with a metal boot and the other Monstroth dodged. Rhazin had always told Monstroth that his large body was surprisingly agile. Only now did he believe his friend. 

"Brother, would you like me to-"

"Shut up, Naetia!" the man snapped. Did he always talk to his sister like that? Monstroth was starting to get angry now. His own sister had always been pleasant to him and he was always nice to her. He believed family to be important. Something you should cherish. Not something to yell at. 

"Perhaps you should leave," Monstroth said, trying to show some confidence. He was the larger of the two of them and probably had a good chance of winning at this rate. 

The man cursed something under his breath and just created two more flames. 

Something Monstroth's Master had said came to mind. 'You must be decisive, even if you are going to choose wrong. We cannot always be correct, but we must always be in control.' Well, Monstroth's fear was nearly gone and he only saw two options. One ended in his capture, but the other... He had to go with it. 

Monstroth pulled the steel boots in front of him, readying himself for the attack of this man. He would probably just charge straight through and try to push the points on Monstroth instead of throwing them. Sort of like Rhazin used to do. All Monstroth had to do was wait and...

The man dodged the unmoving boots and pushed both of his points forward at Monstroth's massive body. To the dark man it probably looked like a sure hit, but Monstroth saw every step of his attack. He was only halfway trained, from the looks of it. 

Before the flames could touch him, Monstroth swung a fist and hit the tattooed man in his face. Blood and a tooth flew to the concrete ground, followed shortly by the man. Monstroth grimaced as he felt the intense flames burn him slightly before winking out of existence. The man was knocked out. Maybe even dead if Monstroth had hit the brain. Saeron had killed a man like that. It had been an assassin, of course.


Monstroth had nearly forgotten Naetia was standing in the alleyway. She now ran over as Monstroth embraced his Plasma Mystic and healed himself of his burns. He would need a new shirt and jacket to replace his desert clothing that had been ruined. Why did he feel good about this, though? Was it because he had finally won?

Naetia pulled her brother onto her own lap and began assessing the damage in a panicked way. Monstroth wanted to try and help her by healing him with Plasma, but he didn't dare to even try. Who knew what sort of tricks the man had up his sleeve? 

"Please, Monstroth, heal him!" Naetia begged. In the darkness, he could only barely make out her tears. It nearly made him keel and help.

"No," Monstroth said sternly, "I don't help villains." Be tough like Father and Uncle... Monstroth was finding this hard, though. 

Naetia just kept begging, sadly. Monstroth found it to be pitiable, but didn't allow himself to care too much. Instead, he pulled his boots on and moved to leave the alleyway. A voice stopped him, though. 

"Very nice work, boy."

Monstroth turned to see his Master and another man in black robes standing with a flame held up between them. It was the newcomer's, of course, as Master could only use Mineral. 

"Uh... Master," Monstroth said nervously, barely noticing Naetia's pleads stopping. "I only defended myself and I may have..."

"Hush boy, I said you did good. I meant it." He smiled that evil smile of his and moved down the alleyway past Monstroth and to where Naetia sat with her brother. Monstroth turned and watched as his Master checked the pulse and shook his head. "He seems to be dead. You're going to have to watch that physical strength of yours, boy." 

Monstroth felt sick, though. He had killed a man. Sure, he had known this might happen. His uncle taught him that and warned him he might kill a normal man. Dead... How was he supposed to feel after seeing his Master kill all those people back then? Or when Saeron had killed that assassin? He hadn't really seen it as real, but now..

"Stop sulking!" his Master snapped. "It was you or him. I told you that you needed to be decisive and you were today! No regrets, boy." The former bandit grabbed Naetia by the wrist and pulled her to her feet. She seemed... well, like a mindless one. "Now, you are going to tell us where you planned on taking my apprentice here. And if I don't get answers, you may not walk again without help from the Sovereign of Plasma himself."

The End

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