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Nearly an hour later, Craetor sat in an oval room surrounded by the confident. They all seemed rather pleased with themselves, throwing Craetor off. Usually they were sour with his recent success in running the kingdom. It was obvious they wanted him deposed and another Frae placed on the throne. One more easily manipulated. Had it not been for his past learning from Saeron and as the General of Faerein's armies, he might have been the puppet they wanted.

The only other Fraes available, however, was Kaela and Exceed, Craetor's nephew. Exceed would be unavailable, though, as he was still attempting to win the Great Race in the Murdos Isles down south. That left Kaela, who was anything but idiotic. But she was nowhere near as clever as some of these confident members. Especially Crat.

"My lord," Vivola said after they went over the usual introduction to the meeting, "I believe that-"

An immense crash silenced whatever Vivola was about to say and the wall to the confident exploded into rock and debree. Scarred Father! Craetor barely managed to pull on his Mineral Mystic and create a shield of broken wall around himself and Roshet, who had somehow found his way beside his king. Dust coated the room, cloaking anything else Craetor might see.

"Is everyone alright!?" Craetor shouted, trying his best not to loose his composure. This was likely an attack from the Tav, so they would assume the confident and king injured. Shouting like a fool would change that.

"I.. I think I'll be fine." That would be Crat's voice. He was insufferable at best but Craetor was glad he was alive. "Maevis is injured, but it's nothing I can't fix. Vivola... She's gone."

That... was a hefty loss. But Craetor needed to be strong. "Can you see anyone else?" The dust was settling, but Craetor dared not lower his shield of debree.

"Yes, I ca-" There was a shuffle, like someone moving back. Crat sounded like he was whimpering. A proud man like him didn't seem able to do that!

"What's going on, Crat!"

Craetor was answered by his shield being slung to the side and a massive head staring at him. Those spiked jaws... Red scales... Dark eyes... It only took a mere moment for Craetor to realize he was staring into the face of a massive Great Lizard.

Scarred Father! H-how was this creature even here! No, not now. Craetor looked around the room quickly, making sure to not move his head much. The creature didn't move, but any movement from it's focal point might cause that to change. Just glancing around made Craetor's stomach sink and his rage erupt.

Vivola was crushed under the Great Lizard's clawed hand. Johannes was on the ground near Soria, both of whom were bleeding heavily and most likely dead. Crat had managed to move back Maevis, though how he did so with the fat man was rather impressive. The other confident members were fine, thankfully. Loke had made him a shield like Craetors and Doney simply pressed himself againts the far corner, trying to make himself appear smaller.

Craetor was scared, truly, but he had been scared in battle before. That was normal. What wasn't normal was his rage. This creature was something that wasn't supposed to exist anywhere but the mountains in the east. What was the thing doing here!?

"Loke," Craetor said, luckily not causing the Lizard to move. In fact, the thing seemed to notice something behind it and moved away from the hole it made. "On my mark, we bind it as best we can."

The man nodded silently. Sometimes that silence was a blessing. He moved closer to the distracted beast and watched for Craetor to give a signal. It was a rather subtle one, but Craetor grabbed ahold of his Mineral Mystic once more, the feeling of dryness spreading through him heavily, and grabbed an especially large chuck of the broken rock wall.

Loke followed suit and grabbe up all the smaller pieces, careful not to alert the beast. What was it looking at anyway. From the location of the meeting room and the direction of it's head, it might have been the walkway down below. Whatever it was, the beast jerked it's spiked head when Craetor smashed the debree on the red scaled back. Loke acted a moment later and locked the rope of rock around it's mouth, shutting it. From the old tales, the red Lizards could only use the Flame Mystic from it's mouth.

The job wasn't done yet, though. Craetor quickly pulled all the debree he could get ahold of and balled it up. Thank the Scarred Father this castle was made from rock and sand. He hoped the cursed Lizard would enjoy Damnation just before slamming the ball of mineral into it's face.

The beast fell, seemingly knocked out. Whatever feeling of victory Craetor would have felt was replaced by sorrow.

Down below in the city, multiple Great Lizards reaped havoc. People's cries came to Craetor's ears. Roars from the Lizards rang out when some of those screams silenced. Craetor, for once in his life, cursed his hearing.

He needed to act!

"Loke!" The man stood and nodded. "Go to the western guard tower and rally them there. Crat, see if you can save Johannes and Soria. Maevis will be fine once he waked. He's tough, if nothing else." Craetor glanced at Vivola's corpse, feeling a tinge of anger and sadness, before looking at Doney. "Doney, gather the Earth Guard. Send three to me and the rest to reinforce the regular guards. Then, I want you to go check on General Saikren and the other Nobles. Make sure they retreat to safety should they wish it."

Craetor turned to leave. No doubt the Earth Guard outside the door had been killed, else they would have ran in.

"Scarred Father, Soria is lost!"

Craetor cringed slightly before continuing on. He was a warrior before he became a general. Before he was a King. He needed to be a warrior once more. Those damn creatures would pay dearly for attacking his kingdom.

The End

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