Unregistered Void User (Part 2)Mature

It only took a few hours for Craetor to assure his guard would not leave the main castle and head toward the Gate Garden. Paradise would come falling down if some assassin tried for Craetors life and they were absent. It was almost like they forgot he used to be General and one of the most powerful Mineral Users in Faerein. Except for the specialists, only Monstroth and Saeron surpassed him, and they only barely did so. 

The Gate Garden, despite its name, was simply a plain stone platform that had been mostly abandoned. In the older days, before Horo's murder spree, Void users were used as transport for the Heads of the noble families and other important persons. This Garden was created as a place where Voidgates could be made freely without causing any inconvenience. Of course, Void users still used it to travel to their hometowns in the desert borderlands, but that was rare.

As Craetor walked into the place, he found who he expected sitting on a bench at the edge of it.

As per the routine they had going, Craetor pulled sand from around the black-cloaked figure and attempted to capture the Void user before he could escape. And, as usual, the man would somehow make himself grow small and then disappear only to reappear next to Craetor. Of course, he would never attack the King.

"Something you wish to ask of me, king?" The nameless master said sternly. 

Craetor turned and nodded. "The detective working on the Saeron's murder case has found that Rhazin talked to an unknown man in a white mask who could wield Void right after you left his side when you returned. He was not registered."

The old man cursed under his breath. "No doubt more of those that did the kidnappings, then?"

Craetor nodded, slowly gathering sand around him. He wouldn't give up on bringing this man into question. It might help his relationship with the confident if he gave them a suspect to focus on. "The only oddity is the white mask. None of the kidnappers that were seen had covered their face in any way." 

The man grunted. "Figures. Those damn..." 

The nameless master began to walk away, but Craetor created a wall of sand to cut off his path. For some reason, the man stopped and didn't walk through it like usual. Was it because Craetor left no space between the grains? No, focus on the important matters. "What do you know of the white masks?"

The master didn't move. "I suppose you should know," he said slowly, as if still unsure. "They are a group that kidnap powerful Mystics users and train them. If they can't convert them to being one of their group, then they disappear. I don't know any more than that." He grunted. "Not that knowing that helps you much."

Craetor sighed. "That's the truth. By the sands, that Void user must have been one of them."

"They are called the Children." He grunted once more and a Voidgate opened taking the man and a part of the wall of sand when it disappeared a moment later. Damn Void users. They were too powerful.

But Craetor had other things to think about. That unregistered Void user... He was probably trying to recruit Rhazin. And when Rhazin declined, they could have used a Master of Mind to control him and kill the king, giving Rhazin a reason to leave his home and join them.

The key lie in proving they were responsible. He already proved they had contacted him, so that shouldn't be hard, provided that the group was well known. Things seemed to be getting more clear. Craetor would have to take this as a good sign, despite the situation still looking ill on his bro- er, the late king's murder. 

Now he would need to speak with the confident as per the Mandate. Craetor's freedom was something that had died with his brother, or at least it seemed like it.

The End

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