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Craetor smiled to himself as he sat on the throne. Around him were the Earthguard, though not the two he had talked to a few weeks back. Instead, he had found these new two were named Davel and Fraed. They were good men who both talked with Craetor in a relaxing manor. And Davel was almost as large as Craetor himself! He must have had some trace of Frae blood in him, though that was not uncommon. No one would grow as large as Monstroth, though. 

That boy was larger than any Frae had been, if just by a little. 

But the reason Craetor was happy was that he had settled everything he needed to politically. The confident were doing their jobs without being able to try and move against him. Surely they would still plan in secret, but it would take longer for a plan to form with Craetor forcing them to only meet two at a time. Any more would be a meeting.

Kaela was also happy. Craetor had been able to free some time to spend with his daughter, though not much as war still loomed. The armies were recruiting as much as they could and the wagons were being built to carry sand across into the plains. It would be another month until Craetor could meet with the next ambassador. That meeting would decide whether or not Faerein attacked. 

A man burst into the room at that moment. To Craetor's surprise, it was Saelock Holems, the lead detective on the murder case of the former King. Craetor felt a pang of guilt for not allowing himself to care, but how could he? Saeron wasn't himself at the end...

Saelock stopped just before the throne and kneeled, causing Davel and Fraed to tense and inche closed to Craetor. The two were relaxed and nice, but were still Earthguard. "My Lord, I have information I would wish you to review."

It was Saelocks belief that Craetor was the only one who could tell what evidence meant something and what did not, seeing as he knew both the victim and primary suspect since they were children. "Proceed."

With a stand and a bow, Saelock did just that. "Around noon on the day that the meeting was planned - the one where the victim lost his life - the suspect had returned from a training trip with his master."

Craetor nodded. "Yes, we have spoken of that man."

Saelock bowed. "Apologies, my lord, but I don't believe that master is important in the least, except when he interferes." Craetor had let it be known to Saelock about the mysterious Void master. The detective had accepted it instantly, saying he knew something had been happening. "The information I bring is about what happened as the suspect reentered the city via the Storm Gate."

"Go on."

"Around noon, as I said, Rhazin entered the city. His master had split up from him just prior to entering, as he had left to speak with Master Goro about procuring more supplies for the next trip." Saelock started to walk to the side and back at this point. "I spoke with a witness who saw Rhazin arguing with someone in a white mask just before making his entrance. According to my source, Rhazin was extremely angry at the masked person. In order to learn more on this, I had my men ask around the city about this, which is why it's been taking so long."

Craetor was curious now. Rhazin wasn't one to lose control of his emotions so easily. That was the whole point of a Void users training. It was only half controlling the actual Mystic and half controlling the emotions. Vivola had told him as much when he asked weeks before. Her control was in how shy she was. Focusing on one emotion would let one gain control of the rest, or something. 

"Well, my lord," Saelock said as he still paced, "I found one man who remembered the arguing as well, only he saw more. Apparently, Rhazin changed from anger to fear in an instant and fleed from the man. While this proves nothing of much value, our witness saw the other man open a Voidgate and go through."

Craetor sat up. "Have you checked the registry?"

Saelock stopped walking and nodded. "All Void users are accounted for and have others who can prove it was not them. The masked suspect is not from Faerein, my lord." 

Sands! If someone from outside Faerein had come in with a Voidgate that would mean they would have to have been here and everyone who entered the desert home was registered if they could use Void. They even had Faerein Void users to detect any. If an unknown Void user had entered Faerein, then...

"From your face, my lord, I can see you've made the same assessment as me." Saelock scratched his neat head of hair and frowned. It was an odd sight on the usually cheery man. "We now have evidence that the kidnappings and murder of the king were connected."

Craetor nodded. "Let all the Void users we have know about this new information, but do not let anyone else know. We don't need panic, like when Horo went mad and began his murder spree ten years ago." That had been the last Void user to lose control. The Earthguard watched the Voids closer now.

The End

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