Defeat (Part 1)Mature

Zane ran between the buildings of Silverbow, ignoring the people who jumped and yelled when he bumped them. In his arms, Thorn lay bleeding heavily. The stupid girl hadn't listened to him and tried to deceive enemies they knew nothing about. Those masked men had blocked her Mind Mystic easily with a Mind Specialist of their own.

"I told you, you idiotic woman!" Zane cursed as he turned down an alley and glanced back. Sands, still two more to elude. His Alcheic Mystic was too unstable after killing the other three masked men. 

"Aww... You're worried..." Thorn coughed up blood and groaned. "It's kind of adorable... how much you care... you know..."

Zane glanced at her stomach wound. Despite holding it down, Thorn was bleeding too bad. At this rate, she had a little less than an hour before she passed into Paradise. Or Oblivion. The filthy woman probably wouldn't make it to Paradise.

"I just need you to help me interrogate those masked sandreavers!" Zane snapped, popping out into a street and running down the side. "If it wasn't for that, I would have left you to die."

Flames burst at Zane's bare feet. Filth! They had gotten closer somehow. Zane quickly used his Alcheic to create a wall from the pavement below. People screamed and moved away from the creation. Guards moved to intercept Zane, as well. 

That was a bad idea. 

Zane embraced his Flame Mystic, letting the cold and hot flashes spread across his body and comfort his boiling rage. He twisted just before the two burly guards reached him and kicked them in the side, instantly freezing and destroying the armor that protected them. He made sure not to hurt them badly. At most, there would be some bleeding. It would teach them to step foot in Zane's way!

"Mom... I think I like a boy... What do I do?" Great, the filthy woman was delusional. "He keeps being mean... to me... though... Not sure what he thinks..."

"I think you're pathetic," Zane responded. Behind him, the masked men had gotten closer. A scream announced another guard they killed. From what Zane could tell, it was a Flame user and a Mineral user. Thank the Scarred Father the sandreavers didn't have any loose rocks to work with. 

Turning into a building labeled 'Healer,' Zane stopped and took a few breaths. Inside the building was a counter where a small boy - most likely an apprentice of the Healer - sat wide-eyed like a stupid child would. 

"Where is the Healer?!" Zane yelled, "This damn woman is bleeding out!"

Thorn shuffled a little. "Bad... stomachache..." 

The boy jumped up, making Zane realize he was actually tall and somewhat built. "Give her to me, I'll take her to Master Vulcan."

Zane handed Thorn off quickly and rushed outside in time to meet the two masked idiots who had just arrived. Sands! There was a trail of burnt corpses and bleeding bodies from where they came. 

"Damn filth," Zane cursed as they came to a halt. He created two points just outside his fists and then two more in his closed palms. The two floating increased in heat as the other two points cooled his hands to counteract the immense heat building up. Zane was about to show these idiots who was the real threat. "No more baggage weighing me down, filthy sandreavers."

The one who could use Mineral Mystic struck first, swinging his sword with acute precision. Zane didn't even bother to dodge the masked man's attack. Instead, he just slapped the blade away before it connected and punched him in the gut. The invisible heat in from of Zane's hand made it easy for his fist to breach the filthy man's abdomen and appear out his back. 

The second masked man seemed startled actually. So, these pieces of filth could feel fear? Good. Zane pulled his hand free, purposely ignoring the flaky blood that now adorned his forearm. "You're next." 

Zane ran forward and threw a punch at the masked man. He would show these damn sandreavers who they were reall-

The fist hit air and Zane stumbled to a stop. In the corner of his eye, a swirling mass of darkness blinked out of existence. Sands! That man was a Void user?! Well, he must have not been practiced. Else, he might now have lost so badly. Idiot.

Turning, Zane re-entered the building and walked toward the room that the Healer's assistant had taken Thorn. That filthy woman had better not die before she became useless. If she did die, though, Zane might actually smile. 

'Why does that thought seem like such a bad thing?' Zane thought idly before entering the room.

The room was simple, holding only cabinets on the edges and a table in the middle where Thorn rested. Her leather armor had been removed and her shirt pulled up to expose her surprisingly white skin. Zane was surprised to see a number of scars trailing along her body as well. Had she pissed off the wrong person?

The old man who sat over her had a hand on her abdomen. He turned when Zane entered. "Is this your wife, young man?" he asked.

Zane barked a laugh. "Not even a good joke, old man," he spat, making the apprentice boy look nervous from the other side of the room. 

The old Healer didn't seem fazed. "He intestines were damages badly," he said slowly, "I will do what I can, but it will take a while for her to regain consciousness." 

Zane nodded. "I'll wait out front." He didn't tell the old man about the dead body out front or the possibility that guards were probably on their way. That would ruin the fool's concentration. Sands, why was Thorn so stupid? She had to get herself stabbed didn't she?

The End

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