Changes (Part 3)Mature

"Is there anything else that needs to be reported?" Craetor asked. His mood had brightened. And, with him not having to announce the declaration or discuss the wartime policies with the city section leaders, Craetor had time to spend with Kaela. It was only a little time, but it was something. 

"No, my lord," Vivola said. She was holding onto her Void Mystic from the sound of her voice. Probably needed it with this loss. Craetor knew this would not happen again. They would now be wary of Roshet. The man was too smart, contrary to what people thought. 

"Good then," Craetor stood. "I propose a change to the Mandate."

"My lord?" Crat was looking expectant, despite his feigned confusion. The man was not done with his plans, whatever they were. 

"I propose that whenever a meeting is called, all members of the confident and the king in power must be informed," Craetor said with a smile. "The punishment being one month suspension from duty and three offenses casting said party out of their seat of power."

It was obvious that none of them, with the exception of Roshet and maybe Johannes would agree. Maevis looked outwardly angry, even. An odd expression on his sizable face. 

"My lord," Soria said, "there are times when secrecy is important."

Craetor nodded. "I agree, but I like open honesty." He stood and circled the table. "In fact, I think I should be honest about what I am suggesting." He stopped at Roshet's seat. "Roshet, what is on the 387th page of the Mandate say? First paragraph, of course."

The man opened it up, searching throughout his messy version before actually finding it. "Should the king or queen come into power and find the confident as a danger to the kingdom, he may dismiss them all and allow the people to reelect the members. This includes reasons of-"

"That's enough Roshet." Craetor turned to the confident. "Ultimately, I am saying this. With the exception of Roshet here, how likely is it that you all will be reelected?" Roshet was an Immortal, one who had mastered Plasma and could live on indefinitely. He also held onto Alcheic, so he could prevent his aging as well. This had made him live for centuries serving the throne. Although not very influential, the people loved him and would no doubt reelect him if they needed to.

Crat and the other confidents understood this. They knew he wasn't bluffing. Their rulings would be upheld, but they would lose their positions. They might be able to become section leaders of the city, but nothing more. Craetor had won this round without even putting in much effort. It was odd how a easy control was gained if the opposing party made a mistake.

"Are we all in agreement for the newest change to the Mandate?" Craetor asked, walking around to where his seat was. 

Roshet stood first for the change. Johannes and Doney were not long to stand. Both of them looked like they weren't sure if they were losing or winning. Saria stood next, obviously realizing she had nothing to fight with. Vivola, Maevis and Loke stood next. Craetor had almost forgot Loke was there. The man was always so quiet in meetings, not unlike Doney. 

It took some time for Crat to stand, much to Maevis' displeasure. The fat man had accepted the loss and wanted to sit back down. He really needed to exercise. 

"With this," Craetor said, "We are agreed. Roshet, be sure to record this decision and rewrite the official Mandate to include it." Though it was called Galvure's Mandate, it was now being changed more and more. Would it be called just Mandate in time?

"Is this meeting over, my lord?" Crat asked. 

Craetor nodded to the man. 

The End

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