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The confident was surprised, to say the least, when Craetor and his two guards entered the conference room. All eight of them froze from their places at the oval table and stared at him. Even Roshet, ever loyal to the throne and not the confident, seemed surprised. It was obvious that they were doing something he would not like.

Well, that made it all the more important for Craetor to come here.

"I am here to attend the meeting, my confident," Craetor said with a fake smile. He didn't bother putting much into that smile. They new he was not pleased. 

Maevis was the first to speak, surprisingly. "Well, I guess you missed us this last month, my lord."

Crat glared at the fat man and stood. "My lord, we are simply going over our reports before we present you with the month's actions tomorrow." It was a likely story. Tomorrow was the day that the grieving officially ended. Well, that's what they thought. 

"I see," Craetor said, "Well, I have good news, my confident." Craetor waited so he could see the members of the confident shuffle nervously, as if they expected what he was about to say. "The month is over and I have properly grieved."

Soria, the only other female member of the confident besides Vivola, stood and smiled sweetly. Unlike the others, she had regained her composure. Despite her mousy looks, Soria was more cunning than the rest of the confident. "My lord, shouldn't we announce the end of your grieving tomorrow before burdening you with responsibilities so late at night?"

"Ah, Soria, you are too considerate." Craetor walked over to the end of the oval table, leaving his Earthguards just beside the doors, and sat down. The other confident members who had stood took their seats as well. "Now, I will hear your reports."

Crat and Maevis exchanged a glance, then both of them looked to where Roshet sat. They obviously expected him to have some rule stored in his head against this. Luckily, the main was simply sitting their in thought. There was no rule. Craetor had spent the last month familiarizing himself with each and every rule in the Mandate and with past happenings. They would not beat him this time on the political battlefield.

Doney stood. He was a quiet man and only spoke in a soft voice. Not even Saeron had ever figured out his mindset, though his intentions were obviously aligned with Crat and his allies. "My lord, we have had investigations on the multiple abductions throughout the city and-"

Craetor stood, silencing the man. As King, he could interrupt anything if he had a question. "What do you mean throughout the city?" He asked quietly, "I was told of three cases, including the son of General Saikren."

"There were many cases reported in the days after, my lord," Doney continued, "We had thought it was simply people hiding in fright or maybe conspirators with the assassination."

That... made sense. "And why do you not think so now?"

Doney hesitated. That was odd. He was a small and quiet man, but never did he hesitate. "All the cases were below the age of twenty years, usually children of ten years and younger with strong Mystics or potential."

Sands! What would Monstroth think if he heard this? The boy always had a soft spot for children. This information would send him into a rage. No, now wasn't the time to be effected by emotions. "Have these investigations told us anything?"

Doney nodded. "Yes, my lord. We have learned that Voidgates were used in some of the cases to escape and the rest of the cases had Voidgates used nearby. Our Void users are few, so this took longer to deduce than we would have liked."

Craetor nodded to the man and sat down. The Void users in Faerein were taught only to use Voidgates and Planes for detecting Mystics. He would have to get a count on all of the Void users in Faerein the next day after his grieving was announced as over. This was quite the predicament. 

Crat stood up next. "My lord, I have been following up on the assassination." Of course they would put Crat on that... "So far, we have found no evidence of Rhazin escaping with Void, nor of anyone using other Mystics to get him out. Also, the guard over him was... incapacitated. His keys were not removed."

So, they knew nothing. But, if that Void master could erase his Voidgates from detection... Craetor shook his head. He couldn't bring that up without giving them ammunition. "Go on."

"Yes, my lord," he said, looking a little bit relaxed. Maybe he thought Craetor would ignore what they had been discussing. Foolish confident. "With further investigation, we have discovered that Rhazin had entered not through a Voidgate, but by using the ventilation shaft in the top half of the main conference room." 

Craetor nodded. "Is that all?"

Crat and another confident - Vivola - both looked ashamed for a moment. At least their pride as confident was still there. "Yes, my lord."

So, that master of Void had been true to his word. He impeded investigations. Not only had he destroyed any evidence of Rhazin being in prison, he also made it like Rhazin had never even been in near the king. Rhazin had never existed, as far as investigations went. Sands, he was good. Who WAS he?

Johannes stood next. The man was small like Doney, but he was small in a different way. It was like someone had taken a regular man and simply scaled him down a few times. Of course, everyone in the room was small compared to Craetor's massive body. He had almost hit his head walking in this room. 

"M-my lord," Johannes began. He looked nervous. He was always nervous though. "I... have compiled the expenses of repairing General Seikrens basement as well as some damages to the city..."

"Damages?" Craetor thought he knew what the man meant, though.

"Some of the... abducted children had parents that tried to fight back." he paused to wipe his forehead. "There was damage... to buildings and even part of the wall..."

Craetor stood. "The WALL was damaged?!" he shouted.

The End

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