Thorn the Tracker (Part 3)Mature

The men appeared as Zane thought they would: big, muscled, dirty, and eyes full of lust and greed. Great, they even had knives. This Thorn was turning out to be more of a pain than he had thought when the barkeeper spoke of her. He figured he would find a damn man who never talked and just give him the money. No, it had to be so damn difficult just to even make a deal!

And now these four men came in and made things even worse. 

Zane pulled himself loose and ran toward the men. The instant he dodged the first one's knife and punched, Zane released his Flame Mystic and froze the man's entire stomach. It shattered under the pressure of his fist and sent the man into a screaming fit. The second one ran forward, obviously not realizing what Zane had done to the first filthy sandreaver. 

The last two did see when Zane shattered his second victims entire midsection. Damn, that felt good! Maybe he did need to kill these men, if only to let out all his built up anger on that damn Thorn girl! 

"W-wait, we can work this out!" 

Zane didn't listen to the man and, instead, smashed his face into fragments of ice. Zane was using Icerei's frozen fist fighting style. He had found it very simplistic once he got past how Icerei used his Flame Mystic. Dodge, create a point on the tip of the fist, then drop the temperature at the point at the fastest possible speed when the fist connected. The result was shards of frozen organs on the ground. 

The last man fell easily, after trying to slash with his filthy knife. It felt good when Zane watched the fragments of frozen flesh that had once been part of a neck fly through the air. Damn, why hadn't he taken care of filth like this years ago! It wasn't common in Faerein's Capitol City, but it was present. He should have just searched and killed all of them. 

"So violent."

Zane turned. "It was them or us, you-"

Thorn, still smiling like she was amused, was being held by a large man who held a knife to her neck. He licked his lips nervously. "If you don't want your girlfriend here hurt, then back off, freak." 

Zane cursed. "You get caught that easily?" Zane asked Thorn, "You are more useless than you let on, girl."

Thorn seemed to pout. "Aww, I tried, but he was just so big and strong! I couldn't stop him." The man who held her smiled eerily and moved his hand that held her around her shoulder down. Filthy man! His hand stopped just before grabbing Thorn's chest, though. "Oh, well we can't have that, now can we?" She said sweetly, looking up at the man who stood well over two heads taller than her, "I mean, a hug is one thing, but that is something that must wait until our second date, alright?"

The man struggled to move. "What did you do to me!?"

Thorn giggled. "Aww, he wants to know my secret." The irritating girl ducked and moved away from the large scum. She then waved over Zane, who came reluctantly. "Now, I don't want you to harm this man, OK Arch?"

Zane grunted. "Fine."

A hand patted Zane on the head. "Such a good boy!" Do. Not. Hit. Her. Zane. "Now, let's see what happens when you try to violate a woman like that, Zane." What was Thorn doing?

Zane looked to the man, who still stood as if holding a hostage, and realized the knife in his hand was moving to his chest. "No! Please, I'll stop!"

Thorn chuckled. "You got caught once before and they let you go. Obviously you need to receive punishment like a good boy." She smiled deviously. "Like Arch here, OK?"

The man nodded. "Of course, anything... just spare me...." He obviously thought he was going to get the guards called on him or something. Zane might have done the same. But, he somehow knew Thorn was not letting this man escape.

The man's other hand went to his mouth, covering it. The other hand with the knife. Zane had expected something of a quick kill, but this Thorn surprised him by starting to write runes on the man's torso. Sands! Why was she taking so long to write some words on him with a knife? Zane didn't really care about the man's suffering, but it was all too likely someone on the streets had saw them in the alleyway and told the guards!

"Girl, we need to leave! Damn, hurry up!" 

Thorn chuckled. "Only one more minute, my sweet little boy," she said in her annoying manner. 

The man screamed beneath his own hand, though anyone outside of the alleyway would only hear a little noise and think nothing of it. His back was facing the street, as well. Sands! Zane hadn't given this girl enough credit. The men that he had killed were too far back to be seen and this man might be telling them something for all the people out there cared! 

Finally, Thorn finished and made the man stab himself in the head. "Alright, let's get going now! We can't keep your adorable brother waiting, can we?" 

Zane nodded and followed, but not before reading the message she had written on the filthy man's bare chest. After reading it, Zane shivered and moved on. This Thorn was a scary woman, even for Zane.

It had read: 'I shall not violate a woman' exactly five times. 

The End

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