Past Influences Present (Part 3)Mature

"I know what you are thinking, boy," the Sovereign continued, "But it simply proves the Past Influences Present code."

Monstroth shook his head. He could accept this. He had to. The Sovereign before Phillip had to feel the same way, seeing as he CHOSE a bandit as his legacy. "How... What does the code mean?" He couldn't think about his master being a bandit at that moment. It was... too fitting. 

"I'm glad you asked," the bandi- er, Sovereign said. "Basically it is the belief that there is no such thing as 'Present.' Instead, we are simply the dividing line between what is Past and what is Future. Understand?"

Monstroth nodded. "The basics I know from my lessons." A bandit leader, not just a bandit! How many people had this man killed? No, stop. That was in the past, right? He had warned those people back there. Or... had he only done that for convenience..?

"Well, everything we do or have done is in the Past. Those actions influence our future and the future of others." He pulled sand from the air around the two of them until a man formed in his hand. "If someone was to kill a man, despite it being in the best of intentions, there would be reactions to that in the Future. This could mean saved lives or doomed ones. We may never know."

Monstroth nodded, taking in the information. This was important for becoming Sovereign. He could focus on it. 

"We, as guides of the entirety of Mounseik, must choose carefully what we do, lest we affect the Future in negative ways." The Sovereign let the small man fall and turn into a baby. "If the man killed was a murderer, then people would be thankful. But, there is a chance he would have given birth to a hero." The baby dissipated. "Therefor, by killing the man in the name of justice, we doom future generations." 

Monstroth nodded. "That makes since, but by letting them live you could also be dooming others that could be heroes. How do you tell which is the better choice?"

The Sovereign nodded, looking actually a little happy. "Now you are starting to think." He formed a man in a large robe, with an obvious bald head. The Sovereign. Then, Monstroth's master formed a much larger man in armor with long hair. It was amazing how detailed the figures made of sand were. It even made Monstroth nearly forget his master was a... yeah.

"We have to make calls that we think would save the most people, boy," the Sovereign continued, "I have been a bandit, so I know how they are. Most are boys who still have a chance to turn around. If we killed them, then we are denying their potential. Understand?"

Monstroth nodded. "So, we have to use what we've learned in our Past to create more Past that can influence a better Future?" It made since, in essence. Just do what will create the best outcome for the people of Mounseik as a whole. 

"Your father was right," the Sovereign said with a wicked smile, "You are a fast learner. It's a pity I didn't find you until now. It is always easier to teach when the apprentice is still young."

Monstroth nodded. "Did you have past apprentices?"

"Yes," said the bald bandit lea- Sands! He was a Sovereign now, not a Bandit! Monstroth had to keep that in mind. "Though they didn't truly grasp that first code that I teach."

"Past Influences Future?"

"No," the Sovereign said with a sinister smile, "My first rule is: Don't make me kill you."

The End

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