Hide and Seek (Part 3)Mature

Craetor couldn't afford to make these people use this as an excuse to prolong his grieving period. He had only a little over two weeks to go. He wouldn't be outmaneuvered. "There was a man here that was claiming to know about Rhazin's whereabouts but refused to tell me. I was simply trying to capture him before he could escape."

Maevis grunted, "You were trying to capture him by blowing him to damnation?" he said, scratching at the shoulder-length mop he called hair. "Let me know how that plays out for you in the future, my lord." He was always like this, so Craetor simply overlooked it. 

Crat usually did too, but not today. "There is no one there," the stern man said, waving his hand where the bench was, "It was likely a delusion of yours caused by all the stress. It would be wise to retreat to your quarters now, before you force us to prolong your grieving period." Crat never joked. 

"He was a Void user, Crat," Craetor said, not daring to back down. He could not be weak when it came to the confident. He also could do like his brother and force them back. He had to reason with them. It was the only way. "If you ask Vivola to create a Plane with her own Void Mystic, I am sure she will tell you how a Voidgate was used just a moment before."

Crat obviously didn't like it, but he nodded to Vivola anyway. 

"Um.. I'm not very good at this, but I'll try..." The short woman - well, that was sort of general for Craetor to say since everyone was short to him - walked over to the destroyed section. Halfway there, her stride went from tentative to sure and confident. Embracing Void was to lose all your emotions, or that's what Craetor was told at least. 

"I don't sense anything but Mineral Mystic being used here," Vivola said after a moment with a voice that lacked any emotion at all. "It seems some Flame and Water was used here yesterday, but there is no Void whatsoever."

Maevis barked a laugh. "I know that a man could see food when he's starving, but I don't know who would see a Void user or what condition they would have to be in. Well, now I know that it's a king feeling desperate!" He thought that was a great joke and laughed, though the others, Craetor included, ignored him.

"Should I have guards accompany to your room?" Crat asked. Craetor waited, holding the man's eyes in his own. After a few moments he cracked and said "My lord." Craetor was king, despite what these men thought.

"I will see to it that I meditate and cleanse my mind of this grief, confident," Craetor said, "You have my thanks for humoring my mistake. I will call on Master Haerk to repair this damage with his Alcheic Mystic." With that, Craetor walked off. He didn't give the others a chance to say any more. 

Having long legs was useful. It allowed him to remove himself from the area and maneuver back into the castle's halls once more. He had lost his temper against that old man. He couldn't afford to let himself be held back any more than he already was... 

"That is another reason you should leave me be."

Craetor jerked around, finding the old man once again standing behind him. "You!" He started to embrace his Mineral Mystic once more, but hesitated. He couldn't afford to mess up the castle. Even if it was for this man. It would only ruin him further. Instead, he accessed his Storm Mystic. 

The electrical shocks spread across his body, as usual when one accessed the Storm Mystic. Craetor wasn't exactly the best with this Mystic of his, but it would have to do. He only had Storm and Mineral after all, and Mineral had brought him enough trouble. 

"What are you playing at?" Craetor asked, resisting the urge to release his lightning unto something, anything! 

The old man grunted. "I am trying to help Rhazin."

Craetor paused for a moment. A few pieces of information were clicking in his head. Someone had been been hindering investigations, this man wanted to help his pupal, and Rhazin had been gone for almost a week now. Of course! By keeping the enemy - which in this case was the confident - busy, you could throw them against another. This man...

"You've pitted me against the confident, didn't you?"

The old man nodded. "If you want to get back in power, I suggest you stay away. No one but you has noticed me until now. I would prefer to keep it that way."


"You moved too close and realized that the river was too loud," the master of Void explained. "That was a side effect of me using Void to conceal myself." There was a smile. "You do have good instincts, though. I should commend you for that, Craetor."

The way he said Craetor's name... no, that wasn't important. "What's to stop me from tracking you down and capturing you?" There was no strength behind his words, really, but hopefully this man didn't know that. There were... methods... to capturing Void users.

"It's simple, really." The man smiled for the first time since Craetor had met him. "I'm keeping the confident busy so you can focus on getting your throne back." 

And with that, the old man was gone, leaving Craetor in thought.

The End

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