Hide and Seek (Part 1)Mature

Craetor nodded to the man who stood before him. The small boy, maybe just a year shy from being considered an adult, bowed and began his report.

"Concerning the assassination" - it was obvious the confident had made the boy avoid blaming Rhazin - "there is no real progress. Everything concerning the events seems to be covered up. We do know that we saw patterns similar to a Voidgate, but those disappeared before they could be confirmed. We believe that the rumor about someone sabotaging the investigation."

Still? Craetor would have thought the one responsible would have stopped after a few days. Every time they found something, it disappeared before they could investigate. From markings that pointed to Voidgates being used to footprints that could have matched the Mind Mystic user's foot. Sure, it was just little things, but it was painfully obvious that this was someone's doing.

"And has Rhazin been found?"

The messenger boy shook his head. "No, my lord, the Earth Guard has been looking since he disappeared a few days back." He seemed to sense Craetor's disapproval and quickly continued. "They have been told to be gentle, so we expect to find Rhazin within the next week, if he is still in Faerein."

Craetor nodded. Despite essentially being put on leave for a month, he still had to be updated regularly on the events of the kingdom. The confident wouldn't take everything from him, but he had no doubt they would try their hardest. "Is there any other news?"

"Yes, my lord," the boy said, "Zane Zalazor has escaped, injuring several guards in the process. It seems-"

"Wait, what?" Craetor asked, cutting the boy off. "Why is Zane being targeted? The boy hardly has anything to do with this!"

"Um... I do not know, my lord," the boy said nervously, clearly thinking he will be scolded. "I know that his own sister was the one who reported him, saying he forced her to fix his body damage so he could hurry out of the kingdom." 

Yes, that was true, but not completely. General Saikren had told Craetor that Victoria fixed Zane in one move, despite the pain, on her brother's orders. Maybe he was trying to take his brother's kidnapping into his own hands, but he definitely did not do anything against the kingdom, no matter how bad a temperament he has. Craetor would have to argue in his favor once he could could find a member of the confident except for Roshet. The man was good, but he was a little too loyal to the throne. 

"Zane is most likely being framed," Craetor mumbled to himself, then spoke up so the boy could hear him. "Thank you for your report, messenger, please tell the confident I am currently mourning my brother, so they should leave me be." That should keep them away for a time.

He needed to focus on finding Rhazin. Almost fondly, Craetor remembered the first time the boy had hid himself...

Craetor had been walking around the outermost part of the castle, just beside the small stream that separated the city from the large building that held it's leaders. It was pure coincidence that he had even been out there, honestly. His brother had just beat the confident in another political battle, meaning he would try to brag about it to Craetor. 

So, Craetor was walking to avoid hearing his brother's excitement. It was on that walk that he heard a small child crying. Monstroth had been just a child at that time, too, so Craetor had a tendency to try and help kids when he could. Maybe someone would do the same for Monstroth when he wasn't around, right?

He had found a small boy with mess black hair hiding under one of the bridges that ran over the water. He had jumped when Craetor jumped down to get a better look. 

"Ah, I'm sorry!" Craetor had laughed for some reason and asked the lad what he mean by being sorry. "I broke something," the boy had replied.

"What did you break?" Craetor remembered thinking it was probably something like a vase in the castle or something.

He had NOT expected to hear that the boy had lost control of his Mystics and destroyed three buildings. Craetor had almost not believed the boy, but then his master had showed up and claimed the boy was still in training to master the Void Mystic. To most people, that was a dangerous subject, but Craetor didn't mind. Void Mystics were useful in battle and in life, despite the dangers that accompanied them.

Luckily, the master had used his own Void Mystic to fix the buildings. That had been the first time Craetor ever saw Rhazin. Later on, he had found out that his own son was friends with the little Void user, but he didn't mind it. Saeron had been upset, but let it go. Rhazin had been a good kid.

He still was, too. Craetor had to believe that, just like he had to put faith in his soldiers. Rhazin was just vulnerable. He got angry and often made mistakes, but he would never kill Saeron. Now, where was he hiding!?


The End

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