A Dear Sister's Request (Part 3)Mature

It was, however, interesting to hear that Rhazin was missing. Zane knew of him due to all the stories and rumors that surrounded the odd man, plus the fact that he was considered the ex-prince Monstroth's best friend. It was a shame that the Sovereign had grabbed that idiot up, else Zane could have pushed for Monstroth to find Rhazin. Damn traitor could know something about Arch.

Zane decided not to worry about it, though. He hated idiots who thought that gathering evidence was the best way to fix something. Sure, it COULD help, but the best way to fix the issue was to just fix it! Logically, these men had to escape through the east, so Zane would go east. 

A guard passed Zane, eyeing him up and down before continuing on. Zane knew this wasn't anything odd, as he had passed a few others before running into the king, but what really annoyed Zane was the fact that they became more frequent as he neared his family's tower. Was this just a coincidence? 

The Zalazor tower, a large circular building that extended off one of the many parts of the large Frae castle, appeared just as Zane came through a series of hallways. He appeared on a walkway that stretched across the top of the castle. Usually it had only one guard that came and went. Even during wartime there was just two or three. 

This time, there was nearly twenty.

Zane approached the man with the three lines of the captain rank who stood staring at him. "Mato," Zane said, using the traditional name for the man's rank, "Why in the Scarred Father are so many guards up here?"

The man seemed tense. No, that wasn't it... Sands! He was prepared to fight! "Zane Zalazor, we ask that you come with us for questioning."

Zane took a step back, but realized he had been trapped from behind too. Many of the guards that had blocked the hallway he recognized from his walk over. Scarred Father! They had planned this! Sands, sands, sands! Why did it have to be Zane!? Questioning took weeks! He knew some people who were questioned for months even. He didn't have time for this...

"Sorry, Mato, but I need to be going." Zane moved his right arm forward and his left arm back, taking the stance of Tagrim Icerei, one of the Herost. He wouldn't use lethal moves on these men, but.... He wouldn't let himself be questioned, either. 

"So, your sister was right to alert us," the captain said slowly, readying his spear. His sister? 

"What did that bi- ... Victoria tell you?" Maybe he could reason with them. 

The captain smiled grimly. "That you organized this whole ordeal and were planning to leave. You even made her fix you faster, so you could get out before the evidence of your betrayal came to light!"

Damn bitch! Sands! Scarred Father! And whatever other curses existed! Zane nearly ran back to fight his own sister, but managed to cool himself with his own logic. Arch came first. Plus, while he was out he could find new curses to use on his terrible sister. 

The men cautiously moved forward, some even whispering that he should give himself in. 

There was one thing Zane prided himself on, other than his fighting abilities. It was his reputation. Throughout the years of picking fights and smarting off to the confident, he had developed a nasty reputation of being someone better to be avoided. At first, this had simply been reality, but then Zane realized it gave him an edge when fighting. No one had ever seen him practice with the exception of Arch, after all. They didn't know if he was good or not. 

To their misfortune, Zane was an expert in the field. 

Zane rushed, weaving through the nervous jabs by the spears, and slammed his fist into the captain's stomach. In an instant, he embraced his Flame Mystic and created a small point on the man's stomach, freezing it. The skin cracked underneath the pressure of his fist and blood sprayed out. It wasn't fatal, but he wouldn't be fighting for a while. 

The next two tried using their own Mystic's on Zane, but he embraced his Alcheic Mystic and turned the large stones they threw into dust before it could damage him. The surprise he got from that gave him an opening to rush and knock the men out with a couple of punches.

From his rear, Zane heard men charge with curses. He turned and slammed his hand into the floor of the walkway, altering the shape of the stone into that of a wall between Zane and his enemies. He left them to deal with his wall and turned to attack the guards between him and the Zalazor tower.

Luckily, these guards only used Mineral Mystics. In the hands of a skilled user, Mineral was dangerous to face. Luckily, the guards were of the weakest portion of the Mineral users in Faerein. More skilled users would be in the army - which currently was looking around the Capitol City for intruders - and the Earth Guard, who were the strongest of Mineral users. They underestimated Zane. 

The rest of the fight passed relatively fast. Zane weaved in and out of the attacks made by these pathetic guards and used his Alcheic Mystic only when he needed to. He didn't have enough practice to actually use it offensively yet. 

Zane finished the last guard off my smashing his leather armor into pieces after freezing it, sending shards into the man's chest. It seemed to scare him more than hurt, and he went down with a hit to the head. Really, why did they even have guards? Stupid men couldn't stop one man. 

Moving quickly, Zane gathered up his things and clothed himself in a large jacket that would protect him against the sandstorms. Unlike the majority of this damn kingdom, Zane couldn't use Mineral to keep the sand away from him. He had to rely on good leather. 

When he went to leave, Zane found the captain back on his feet, holding his stomach would closed. The other guards had yet to get through the wall Zane had made. None of them could use Alcheic Mystics, which was good. Scarred Father, Victoria was really making sure he kept his word.

"You... Traitor."

Zane cursed. "Shut up, you damn guard," he told the captain, "I've done nothing but decided to actually save my brother, unlike anyone else in this damn kingdom." With that, Zane hurled himself over the walkway. If the captain had said anything, he didn't hear it over the blast of wind.

He also promised his late mother to protect Arch. He would never break that promise.

The End

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