A Dear Sister's Request (Part 2)Mature

Almost an hour later, Zane had excused himself from his father and made his way back to his room. Along the way, he had to deal with the eyes of those foolish serving women. It was like they had never seen the torso of a man before. Stupid sandreavers.

"Ah, Zane." Zane cursed softly before turning to see who was just now seeing him. Could these people see he was heading to his room! 

He froze once he realized it was Craetor... er... King Craetor. He bowed instantly. "My apologies, my lord," Zane said, trying to hide the anger he held in his voice, "I did not mean to walk around your castle in such a manner."

The massive man waved for Zane to be at ease, something he still did even after stepping down as General. He looked identical to Monstroth, truthfully, just with longer hair that was swept back over his green stone armor. Any other man in that armor would have been unable to move. 

"I am not worried about that," the King said. He looked around as if for a lost child. Had his daughter, Princess Kaela, ran off to meet with her rumored mate again? What kind of king wouldn't just send men? "Have you seen Rhazin?"

Zane nearly lost his composure for a second. "Um... My lord... Isn't that stu- er, traitor behind bars?" He tried not to ask WHY the DAMN KING was looking for that sorry excuse for a sandreaver! 

King Craetor crossed his arms and looked like he was in thought. "Well, the boy likes to hide when he's scared. It's obvious he wasn't in control when my brother died."

Well, that was impressive. Zane didn't think he could have stayed calm saying that last line. "My lord, I think you need to take a step back. This id- er, traitor is obviously playing with your emotions." There was no way that Rhazin, who was known for his violent outbreaks in temper and obvious lack of control in Void made him into a dangerous person if he snapped. Well, he had snapped. That's how Zane saw it. Nothing else to know.

Craetor eyed Zane carefully. "How is your condition?"

"I am fully recovered, my lord." Sands! He was wasting time talking to the king. He couldn't just excuse himself though... That would be rude to the throne itself. Not even Zane dared do that.

"Good to hear. I am sorry about your brother, Zane, but I have men looking into it."

Zane couldn't help himself. "Even though you aren't King yet?"

The large man looked at Zane curiously. "I see you've heard about that." He walked toward Zane and placed a hand on his shoulder. Despite being raised in the castle, Zane was still amazed at how large the men in the royal family were. Craetor's hand covered Zane's entire shoulder! "Do not worry, Zane," the man said, "I personally threatened the guards to investigate this first and foremost. I will NOT let them take anyone else away from Faerein!"

Despite the emotion placed into those words, Zane wasn't moved by them at all. In truth, even as the king walked away waving, he didn't even see this conversation as anything but a waste of time. He still needed to get to his room and prepare for the journey. That sandreaver of a brother had better stay alive through this.

The End

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