A Dear Sister's Request (Part 1)Mature

Zane awoke, yet again, to the pain of his ribs moving inside him. 

Though the pain was bad, he didn't bother to think about it. Like before, he had Master Haerk's withered face hovering over him. The old man had a hand on Zane's bare chest and was still working on fixing Zane's distorted body. He was a cursed fool to lose control of the Alcheic Mystic, even if he was unconscious. He needed more training. Sands!

"Ah, Zane, you have woken up once more."

Zane turned to see his father walking in, his long hair wrapped around his right arm today. Apparently it was a symbol of power that said 'Hey, I'm Immortal. Respect me.' Honestly, Zane thought it looked stupid. 

Stupid like a sandreaver...

"What do you want, Father?" The Immortal grunted and sat down on a seat provided, looking like a perfect general. Well, that was natural, right? Sands! Why did Zane care how his father sat down! 

"I am seeing how your condition is, Zane," the annoying man said, "That is all."

"Whatever." Zane didn't talk any more. There was no reason to. He had things to think about. Those bastards that took his brother, for example. Where had they come from? How in Sin did they even get in the safe house! Sands! He wanted to find them and shove sandreavers down their throat!

"Ah, so my little brother is angry at himself?"

Oh no... Scarred Father, why does Zane always have to be in this kind of position when his sister comes! "What do you want, Victoria?" 

She giggled, but didn't answer. Instead, she looked toward their father. "Father, would it be OK if I talk to Zane alone?" Saikren nodded, obviously listening to his annoying daughter like some little boy listened to a girl he liked. Stupid man, playing favorites. "And, would you leave us too, Master Haerk?"

The old man smiled like a fool and nodded. "Of course, little one." He let go of his Alcheic Mystic, making the pain in Zane's torso ease off, and stood. "I'll be back in an hours time to finish up that rib, Zane. After that, I will be able to move your lungs back to the correct position, then you'll be done."

"Thank the Scarred Father!" Zane snapped in annoyance. He was tired of not moving for this last week. His Mystic had scrambled his body like a sandstorm messed up stray wolves. Unscarred Creator help him, but he was mad. More at himself than anything, though.

Once the room was empty, Zane's sister moved to sit where his father had been sitting. She was considered pretty, with a body that men told Zane was addictive. She also had a way with wrapping anyone around her stupid fingers, too. Her white hair was pulled back in a ribbon today, to show off those green eyes of hers that seemed to be the only part that told the truth. Damn annoying woman.

"Now, my dear brother," Victoria said, a sweet smile spreading across her face, "I hope you have an explanation for letting my dear Arch be taken by those brutes."

Zane snorted. "I did my best, but I was outmatched." 

His sister stood and walked over to Zane. "Oh dear Zane," she said, placing her hand on his torso. "You know how much I hate excuses, right?"

Pain erupted from Zane's chest as his ribs and lungs shifted to their correct position. Sands! He hated it, but he screamed. The pain was almost unbearable. It was like someone took a hook and put it in his chest, then started moving the damn thing around! 

And, as soon as it came, it was over. 

"Sands...," Zane said through his heavy breathing. "You... damn..."

Victoria placed a finger over his lips with her free hand and smiled. "No bad language, dear Zane. You have to be a role model for Arch. Understand?"

Zane tried to move, but realized he couldn't with his sister holding him down with her Alcheic Mystic. Damn woman... She was always this way, though... "How are we going to get him back?" Zane had to force himself not to call his 'dear' sister something that was included in her bad language definition. "They left no trace."

He had been keeping up on the investigation, using his father's name as a tool for rights. He hated doing that, but he needed to know everything he could. He could pick up on something the investigators look over. 

Victoria moved her hand up and down Zane's torso in a soothing manner. "Well, brother," she said with a voice as sinister as Sin, "I trust that you can deliver him within a year." She stood and smiled at Zane with her 'innocent' face. "After all, I wouldn't want anything bad happening to you."

And with that, his sister left the room. He heard her explain to Master Haerk that Zane had been annoyed at how long the recovery was taken and didn't care for the pain. He had begged her to fix him. He had even cried a little. And after he stopped screaming, Zane had even hugged her. 

"You bitch," Zane whispered, sitting up. He needed to get moving. There was only one way to exit the Faerein desert and that was Asuna pass. Thanks to his sister, he had two reasons to get out of Faerein and start tracking down the kidnappers. He had a promise to keep.

The End

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