Assignment from the General (Part 2)Mature

Zane opened a hidden tunnel with a press of a switch. Th stupid thing took a while to open fully, so Zane dragged Arch down on the ground and through the opening. After a few seconds of being fully opened, the mechanism would break and be permanently shut until a skilled Alchaeic user came along. It was useful for assassins and attacking enemies.

Only, this time, there was no enemies to lock out. Hopefully. But, why did Zane have a perpetually bad feeling crawling through him. His father had told him to be wary and listen to the instincts you had, but not let them overrule the sound logic developed from past knowledge. Zane had to do just that at that moment. He looked to his foolish brother. Somebody had to be smart. 

The tunnel stretched far, being made as a last defense against invading armies. The ones that made it past the mountains or seas surrounding Faerein, then through the blazing deserts around the main castle and it's city, and then through the large walls built to defend against sandstorms and Great Lizards alike. 

So, yeah. Logic dictated that it was highly unlikely the assassin would have allies and that he would really go after Zero, despite being reputed as a highly talented Air user. There were plenty of other notable people who had far superior talent with Mystics. The Void Master that trained Lord Rhazin was said to be incredibly skilled with Water. There was a kid in the lower district who had incredible mastery of Plasma. That would be far more tempting than an Air user, right?

But, whenever something threatened Arch, Zane felt that he needed to protect his idiotic brother. After all, the kid was gullible, ignorant, and so many other things. He was also Zane's only brother. 

"Brother, why are we running so fast?"

"Shut up, you stupid sandreaver," Zane snapped, making his brother whine about how Zane is always mean and things. Really, why couldn't Victoria be here!? She was the better of the two of them at dealing with their little brother. Ahead, the safehouse entrance appeared. 

And so did three large men in dark cloaks.

Zane only had enough time to throw Arch before something large - the door to the safehouse, he realized - was thrown his way. Zane accessed his Flame Mystic, sending a combination of chills and heatflashes through his body. It only took an instant, but Zane punched the door, sending his Flame Mystic at it's center and freezing the wood until it crumbled from the impact. How had they thrown the thing?

There. Stone fragments had been embedded into the wood and used as points of control. Zane looked back to where Arch was just now standing up. There were people back there too. Only two, but still...

"Zero!" Zane yelled, cursing himself mentally for using one of the Herost's names on his stupid brother, "You need to fly past the men! If they touch you, then you lose! Now, get to Father! There's an emergency latch beside the hidden door that will detach it. Go! Now!"

Arch smiled foolishly and took off toward the door they had come from. Maybe the stupid kid really did believe this was all a game. Well, it wouldn't matter in the end, so long as he got away. With his ability at the using Air so far along already, it shouldn't be too hard. 

Zane charged the three cloaked men ahead. One, he knew, had access to Mineral Mystics, but that was common in Faerein. What else did they have, though. Zane had practiced against different Mystics and even went through training for battling multiple Mystics. The only Mystic that still gave him trouble was Storm, the electrical Mystic. 

One of the men rushed Zane as well, a sword appearing in his hand. Just before the two of them met, the sword changed into an ax. Zane, surprised, accessed his Air mystic and shot himself backward, ripping through his shirt in the process. As usual, Zane's breathing because faster and he felt winded. How did that sandreaver of a brother do this so often?

The Air Mystic flowed out as soon as Zane let it go. His breath returned to normal, of course, but he still felt a little winded. He was not used to using the Mystic. He stuck to his other two mystics; Flame and Alchaeic. The latter of which seemed to be possessed by his enemy, as well.

Behind him, Zane heard a muffled cry. 


Zane turned and realized his brother was being held in a stone prison floating in the air. "Let him go, you sandreavers!" Zane shouted, holding his position. Logic! He needed to think of something he could do... 

"Kill the boy, Bardwik," a man behind Zane said. No!

The End

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