Assignment from the General (Part 1)Mature

Zane Zalazor, firsborn of Saikren Dominos Zalazor, sat watching his younger brother. 

He hated this job, but his father was at a meeting with the king and his sister was nowhere to be found. Sands! That woman found the best way to leave Zane annoyed and wanting to kill. Not to mention Arch flying around the room with his scarring Air Mystics!

"Arch! Stop being a sandreaver and get on the ground!" Zane barked at the smaller version of himself. It was distasteful, really. His brother had the same white hair and skinny body as Zane, making him an almost perfect replica. It was lucky the boy was so talented at Air Mystics, because he soon came down panting despite Zane's order. 

Useless Air users. They could release air from any point on their body, making them able to fly, but came up short of air twice as easy as anyone else. Arch hadn't even perfected the breathing techniques Father had told him to practice. 

"Brother, you should try it to," the small annoyance said between heavy breathing. "It's really fun! Father even says I have enough talent to become the next Sovereign!"

Zane snorted. Sovereign? "Sovereign's have to pick their successor. Why would the Sovereign of Air pick a snobby kid like you!?" Arch just laughed and sat down, thank the Unscarred Creator! "Plus, I can't use Air. I wasn't born with such a useless ability." Zane held up his hand and embraced his Flame mystic. 

The usual series of heat flashes and chills ran through his body as Zane focused his 'point' on his palm and increased the temperature. It only took a moment before a fire sprang to life. Of course, Zane could feel the burning heat it gave off, but he was used to this. In order not to burn himself, he made another 'point' in which to focus Flame in his hand and lowered the temperature. 

"Wow!" Arch yelled in excitement. They were alone in this lavish room of Zane's brother, so he didn't need to look to know Arch was watching the flame intently. "You are getting really good at that!"

Zane dismissed the flame. "I don't need your praise, Arch!"

Arch scratched his head. "Hey, call me Zero!"

Zane cocked his head toward his little sandreaver of a brother. Truly, the sandreavers that roamed the desert in search of people to steal from couldn't be more annoying than this little thing, could they? "Why Zero?"

Arch stood up and blasted his Air Mystic from the lower parts of his hands and feet, lifting up a few inches. "Because I am a one of the Herost!"

Annoying brat. "The legendary knights? How can you be one of them?"

"I can fly!" 

Ah. Well, that certainly was a normal thing for a stupid kid to say. If he had read up on the Legendary Knights, he would know that only one of them flew and that was only for travel. Honis Windrei, the Knight of Air, used his Air in a martial arts sort of way, contrary to the children's stories. It was an extremely effective style that used the added impact of Air in the strikes as an advantage. Zane had studied all ten Legendary Knights and their fighting styles as an interest. 

Of course, Tagrim Icerei was the only one he was truly interested in. The way that man had used Flame.... Well, he had essentially proved that Flame wasn't exactly the best name for the Mystic, as it could be used to freeze as well as burn. But, the name had already been ingrained into society. Zane hated the absurdity of it, but what was there...


Zane cursed and stood, about to yell at Arch for making him lose his thought process, but realized a demanding figure in flowing war robes was standing in the doorway. Saikren. Zane tried to ask after the meeting, which wasn't supposed to end for another hour, but stopped in his tracks at the look his father had. 

"Zane, Arch, go to the safehouse through the tunnels," Saikren ordered. Not asked. Ordered. "The King has been murdered. We don't know if there are others. I will find your sister, but protect Arch. Understand?"

Zane nodded, his earlier annoyance overrun with worry. King Saeron murdered? Who had done this? The Eastern Kingdoms were supposed to be at odds with Faerein, but there was no way they could get into the castle that easily. No time for questions though. Arch was notorious for his ability to use Air and the king had been an amazingly talented user of the Storm Mystic. If they were targeting highly talented Mystic users, then Arch could be a potential target... 

Zane grabbed his brother and ran. Arch whined, but the annoying sandreaver would be fine. So long as Zane was here. 

The End

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