The King's Death (Part 3)Mature

Sword's from the decorative armor along the outside of the walls ripped from their positions and flew for Monstroth's friend. Around Monstroth, time grew slower and the sound of multiple pieces of metal armor clashing to the ground became dull. All there was in Monstroth's mind was his best friend. The one he grew up with. The only one he could tell anything to. The only one who was with him every step of the way.

It was Rhazin. And his eyes now filled with horror. 

Monstroth delved into his Mineral Mystic, it's familiar dryness permeating throughout his body, and grabbed the blades just before they sliced through his friend's neck. As usual, the blades resisted the movement, but Monstroth was strong! He had to be! For his friend! 

A curse cam from the Sovereign at the same time as Monstroth finally managed to rip the blades away from Rhazin, who was now huddling on the ground staring at his bloody blade. Scarred Father, what had happened? A Mind Mystic might have controlled him, but one that powerful would have to be the Sovereign of Mind. 

"Guards! Restrain him!"

Monstroth started to move to intercept the guards Craetor had ordered into the room, but was held back by the very blades he had ripped from the air. "Rhazin! Rhazin" His friend didn't move, only sat there as the guards tentatively walked near and pulled him up. The bloody blade dropped to the ground. "He's innocent! I see it in his eyes!"

No one listened to him. Rashet was still panicking, shouting that he'd be next and watching for voidgates - a power of the Void Mystic that allowed instant movement. Craetor was walking over to the King's - his brother's - corpse and seemed to be praying. Monstroth didn't know why, but the sight of his father actually resorting to praying was more startling than the event that just happened. 

Sands! What HAD just happened?

"Monstroth." Monstroth froze at his father's soft, yet menacing, voice. It took him a moment to realize that everyone, save the Sovereign of Mineral, his Father, and the King's lifeless body, remained. Craetor must have ordered the others out. Monstroth shivered as his eyes passed over the bloody stump that was his uncle's neck.

"Yes, Father," Monstroth replied, making sure not to move, lest the blades at his neck cut him.

"Are you..." His father grew silent, as if trying to find the words. It took him a moment, making Monstroth worried more. His father was always decisive in any given situation. When Monstroth's Aunt had been taken by the Scarred Sanction, a group dedicated to killing Void users, there was no moment of weakness. He hadn't even flinched when Queen Galvure, his own mother, had traded herself for her daughter, dying as a result. Now... He hesitated. "Are you responsible for this?"

"No, Father..." Monstroth said, feeling his voice tremble. What was going to happen to Rhazin? It's not like he wanted the King dead, but it didn't bother him as much as Rhazin being framed like this. "I only meant to challenge him today."

His father nodded, but still looked solemn. "Do you think someone could have controlled Rhazin?"

Monstroth nodded immediately, feeling confidence rise in him. "There is no other explanation. Rhazin may have not liked the King like me, but neither of us wanted Uncle dead! We never would have done this!" Sands! Monstroth's father... was nodding. He believed him!? 

"I saw that look in Rhazin's eyes," Craetor said, looking away from the King's corpse finally. "I've known that boy since he was a child. I know he didn't do this... But it's going to be hard to fight for his freedom with him having only one name and being seen killing the king by the full confident." That wasn't good.

Monstroth shrank in his seat the moment the Sovereign lowered the swords from the air. Rhazin had no defense if they couldn't find the Mind Mystic responsible. He would either rot in jail or be executed. For some reason, the former seemed far worse. Maybe because it was the Scarred Father's supposed punishment for killing his brother.

A hand clasped on Monstroth's armored shoulder. It was his father. The man gave him a grim smile. "We will figure this out."

"Yes, Father." 

The Sovereign, whom Monstroth would have been incredibly fascinated with if not for the turn of events, walked over to the two larger men. "Craetor, I would wish to speak with you and your son in..." The elderly man eyed the corpse, which was now being tended by servants that had just arrived. "A more appropriate setting, if you don't mind."

Monstroth watched as his father nodded and lead them out of the room. What was going to happen with Rhazin? Monstroth didn't have a clue...


The End

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