The King's Death (Part 1)Mature

Monstroth sat in a large open room at a table made to fit even his massive frame without being dwarfed. His heavy blue armor scraped against the stone chairs as he waited for the other members of the King's confident to seat themselves. They took their time, of course. These meetings were held weekly, as dictated in Galvure's Mandate, the book which defined how the kingdom of Faerein was to be set up. 

Of course, Saeron - the current king - wasn't the best of heirs. 'Why, Greatmother, did you not leave the kingdom to Father?' Monstroth thought to himself as the king walked in and started chatting with a man in a brown robe and Craetor, Monstroth's Father. Despite being Monstroth's Uncle, the man had no sense of family. He simply was a person too good for anyone or anything. It was the whole reason he was pushing for war with the Eastern Kingdoms. 

Craetor broke away from the king and walked over to where Monstroth sat patiently. A hard hand slammed down on Monstroth's shoulder, announcing his Father despite being already seen. The armor scraped hard against the stone, making Monstoth slightly annoyed. He would have to find an Alchaeist to reform the metal for him. 

"Glad you finally decided to start showing up, son," the deep voice, which accented the massive man it belonged to, bellowed. There was nothing that Monstroth knew of that could shadow his father. Well, maybe the mountains at the Lizard Wall could come close.

"I need to change the kings mind, Father. He can't fight a war while the Lizards have been reported to be moving. It is far too dangerous." The Great Lizards, beasts of legend that had disappeared after the Great War several decades before Monstroth was born, had the potential power to threaten the mounseiken race as a whole. If they attacked a divided people... It would be disastrous. 

Craetor frowned. "Son, I agree with what you're saying, but you can't deny the attacks on our merchants from Tav. We can't let them see us as weak, else they might attack."

Scarred Father! Saeron had gotten to Monstroth's own father with those stories now? He had read the reports right as they came in. The people on the merchant trains were slaughtered brutally and the women violated. This wasn't the work of Tav, the city of nobles. This was simply bandits! Those Tavs would simply take the cargo and send the people back naked to be funny, not kill them.

But, now was not the time to argue with his father. Monstroth had a play to make. He was almost glad Rhazin was not allowed inside the meeting. His friend had the right ideas and a good hearted nature, but he was quick to anger and quicker to turn violent sometimes. A side effect of the Void Mystic. 

Saeron sat down at the head of the table, Craetor to his right and General Seikren to his left. Monstroth sat at the opposite of the large oval table, of course. He was the least influencing of all the members here, so he had the seat furthest from the King. If he had attended like Rhazin had suggested for all these years he might have a better spot...

"As dictated by my mother, Queen Galvure, in her Mandate, let this meeting commence with a prayer to our Creator." Each member of the confident lowered their head in respect and closed their eyes. Monstroth did the same, though he kept an eye open to see if he could identify the man in the brown robe that sat to his father's other side. It was an outsider.

"Unscarred Creator," Saeron began, "We ask that you guide us with your infinite wisdom and allow us not to repeat the mistakes laid forth by the Scarred Father. May we learn from our wrongs to bring forth a better tomorrow." A shuffling around the room at that last part made Monstroth smile inwardly. "By your unwavering grace, we thank you. You have given us power to ease our lives, strength by which we may make our own futures, and a guide in the Scarred Father. May you live on eternally in our hearts."

They all muttered "Scars Disappear," and raised their heads. 

"First order of business," the King said, standing to proclaim his right to speak, "Is the Western peninsula." He turned to General Seikren, a smaller man compared to the King and any other male in the royal family with extremely long black hair that was wrapped and tied around his waist. It was the mark of an Immortal, someone who had mastered the Plasma Mystic. Monstroth wondered if his own white hair would get that long once he mastered the Plasma mystic. After all, he was lucky enough to be born with it.

"The Vanguard have pushed the savage Lizard-men back and halted their assaults on our towns. We will take the entire peninsula within the year, my liege." Seikren bowed, his military robes moving with him, then sat down. He seemed like he had something else to say, but Monstroth doubted it was about the fight with the Lizard-men. Those people worshiped Great Lizards, so no one had any arguments against wiping them out once they started attacking. Who worshiped a deadly beast like a Lizard anyway?

The King, sensing no one wanted to speak further on this, moved onto the next topic. As dictated by the Mandate, the King designated a topic of importance then let any of the confident give their report or just speak their minds on the matter. It was an open discussion where everyone's opinion mattered. It was what made Monstroth's plan able to work. He would have to thank his Greatmother once he saw her in Paradise. 

The topics changed around several times, really. The confident went over the Great Race, an event held by the Firstborn Murdos down south, and who they would send to compete this year. They talked about the need to repair some of the outer parts of the city that was destroyed in the last sandstorm. Alchaeists were getting rarer, so that would be a big job for the ones they could find. Scarred Father, how was Monstroth going to get one to fix up his armor with all that work? 

At last, the King came to the topic Monstroth had been waiting for. 

"Now we discuss the plans for attack on Tav and it's allies." The King stood, waiting to be challenged. It was a race beating Seikren and a confident named Gladehart to standing, but Monstroth was the first to stand, thank the Unscarred Creator. People looked at him, namely his own father, but none challenged his right to speak. They were curious.

"I," Monstroth said nervously, preparing himself, "Challenge the king for authority over this subject!"

The End

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