Mounseik. A world ruled by a singular religion and united only by the fear of great beasts that dwell just beyond the mountains. In one kingdom, called Faerein, there is the Prince and the Savior. They plan to change their kingdom, but they have no idea they will change the world...

Monstroth walked down the bustling streets, being careful not to bump into anyone.

He was a massive man, though only a few decades old, and most thought of him as a giant. But not in a way that made him feared. Being a Prince of the land and gifted with the name of Faerein, Monstroth was well respected and loved. Most could recognize him in his enormous blue armor. Though there were always those, even in the most prosperous of kingdoms,  that wanted him dead.

So Malkoff wore his heavy armor daily.

Nearby a child cried as another child laughed at him. Monstroth left the circle of guards that had been surrounding him, ignoring their muttered curses, to kneel beside the crying child. 

“What’s your name, little one?” Monstroth asked softly. The kid sniffled and looked toward his speaker. His eyes grew wide when he realized who was kneeling beside him. The other kid seemed to back up and his eyes grew just as wide as the other kid. “Don’t be afraid,” Monstroth said with a smile. Such innocence.

The first child seemed to relax a little bit. “I’m Ethaniel… Lord Faerein...,” he said nervously. The other kid seemed to take that as an initiative to say his own name. “And I’m Jared!” He said excitingly, seeming to forget the other kid’s presence.

“Well, Ethaniel and Jared, what seems to be the matter?” Monstroth looked at both of the children respectively, trying to show he was not siding with anyone. After all, the best way to assess a situation was from the outside.

“He said my father was a coward!” Ethaniel yelled out, leaning forward to emphasize his emotions. Jared looked at the other child, obviously not having any argument.

“Why did you say that, Jared?”

The kid smiled. “It’s cause real men are warriors! My dad is brave because he’s a soldier. Ethan’s dad is just a farmer.” Jared seemed to mean what he said, so Monstroth guessed he had been told that by someone he trusted. Most likely his father.

“Warriors are important. They defend our land and police our streets to stop crime,” Monstroth said with a smile. Ethaniel seemed to stoop at this, but Jared puffed up, obviously thinking himself right. “But, they are also Mounseiken.” The children seemed confused at this. Of course they were mounseiken, what else would they be? But Monstroth was making a point. “Children?”

“Yes, lord?” they replied in unison.

“What does every mounseiken need?” Monstroth asked. Behind him, his personal guard was getting annoyed. Obviously, he was wasting valuable time. But Monstroth didn’t care about that. He was going to enjoy this day to its fullest.

It was, after all, a day of beginnings.

“Food!” Ethaniel cried out, getting really excited.

“Exactly!” Monstroth replied, giving the boy a copper orb, the second highest monetary orb. The other kid seemed to get jealous, as he had not thought of that obvious answer. Monstroth turned to him. “Who makes food, Jared?”

“Um…,” Jared stared at the ground. Ethaniel piped up, obviously having another answer, but Monstroth shushed him and waited for Jared to answer. He eventually looked up at Monstroth, a smile on his face. “A farmer!” he said excitingly.

Monstroth gave him a copper orb. He took it like it was a treasure of gold and quickly pocketed it. Monstroth would tell his father he had lost the money. From the looks of the dirty children, they needed the orbs more that Monstroth ever had.

“Now, children, since farmers make food for all of us, including soldiers, does that make them important?” Jared lowered his head, knowing what Monstroth was driving at. Ethaniel seemed confused, however. “Yes. Farmers and soldiers work together to keep this country running. It takes brave men to support their country in this way. Understand?” Both children nodded, agreeing with him. Monstroth gave them two silver orbs, the lowest of monetary orbs, but still plenty for two kids to spend on toys.

Waving as Ethaniel and Jared ran off, Monstroth couldn’t help but sense a feeling of accomplishment.

“That was adorable, Monstroth,” a familiar voice behind Monstroth said. Turning, Monstroth clasped hands with Rhazin. His best friend had his black hair swept back, as if he were a ship-driver, and wore a black and gold robe. It was the traditional robe of a mounseiken who could wield the void mystic. Monstroth only knew of one other that could actually wield the rarest of the Nine Mystics. Monstroth himself could only use Mineral effectively. He had been gifted with more, but was unpracticed in those mystics.

“You just get back?” Monstroth asked his friend. Rhazin had been gone with his master, the only other Void user in the Capitol of Faerein that Monstroth knew, on a training journey.

“Yeah, are you ready?” Rhazin asked, tapping his head. Monstroth just nodded.

The two friends took off toward the king’s council room. They were about to try and change the nation.

The End

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