“Why are you doing this Louise?” questioned Martha, Louise’s best friend and companion in all her projects, including her party.

Louise turned her green eyes locking on Martha’s small, frail figure. She looks so breakable. Poor thing would not have survived if it were not for me. “Martha, Martha, Martha. The answer is simple. Because it is what she deserves--what she needs per say.”

“But why? What did she ever do to you?” 

“Ha! What did she not do to me? First, she pretends to be my best friend just to pull me along her schemes. Then she puts me down once she does not need me any more, once she is all popular and…and fake! And now she needs to pull me along again because it’s not...not cool to put people down like that. Look. It is not as if we are doing anything bad. We are just giving her a scare, that’s all.”

Martha’s soft, heart shaped face looked up to Louise’s prominent one. “If you say so...” 

Frustrated at Martha’ insecurity, Louise exclaimed, “Yes! I am positive! Now just get  ! We need the sobs by tomorrow night!”

Martha was out the door even before Louise’s rant was over. 

Louise saw the scared figure scurry out the door and remembered when she first met Martha. It was shortly after she got pushed down by Kayleigh. She saw the scared, little figure being made fun of and went to help. And before long, Martha and Louise were firm friends. Martha was one who understood and was kind and did not ask too too many questions. Louise was one who tried but could not. Martha helped her in as many ways as she could. An unlikely pair that worked.

Sighing, Louise stared at an old picture on her desk of her and Kayleigh. Her sharp green eyes, high cheekbones, and small mouth were in stark contrast to Kayleigh’s soft blue eyes, naturally full face, and red lips. Still, they were good friends--or so Louise thought. Louise turned the frame around and down. Do not think about it. 

Martha’s head peeped around the corner. “Um, Louise? John is here. He is wondering what you want to be done.” 

Louise blew out, causing her bangs to fly up. She motioned for John to come in. Martha and her step-brother walked in. Louise almost laughed at the difference between the two. Martha’s timid demeanor but pretty features were in extreme contrast from John’s confident swagger and geeky face.. In fact, it was his vast knowledge about everything technology that had earned him the name Techy.

“Alright, Techy. All I need you to do is this...”


Satisfied with her day’s work, Louise finally left Martha’s den. They met hung out there after school until around five o’clock, when Louise’s parents came home. Today, Louise got to stay for dinner since it was a Friday. When she got home, Louise’s parents were just finishing dinner. There was this sense of excitement in the air. Louise watched as her parents quickly finished their meal. She sat silently as they put the dishes away and sat down at the couch. Not being able to hold herself back she blurted, “What’s the news?”

“Well, I have exciting news to tell you Louise!” her mom said, practically jumping in place. “ Okay, so we got the place you wanted for the mystery party. The little cottage in the forest behind our winter cabin is not owned and the city said that we can use it over the weekend if we need to! Isn’t that exciting?!” 

In Louise’s mind, a little check ticked off location in her long list. “Perfect.”

The End

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