Mystery Weekend


I sighed as my mom yelled out to me.

“Honey! Come down here,” my mom yelled out to me.

Groaning, I put down my book, an Agatha Cristie, and went downstairs. This better be important. 

I got down stairs and saw that my mom was holding out a letter to me. “Here, this is for you.” I grabbed the letter and opened it.


You have been invited!

Come join Louise for her 15th birthday on December 18th!

A mysterious weekend with 8 other people to find how the owner of the house died. RSVP to Louise Rowe and specifics will follow.


I sighed. Not too important. I walked slowly to the kitchen to check the calendar.  December 18th to December 20th. Completely free. Fine.

“Mom!!” I called out. “Is it okay if I go to Louise’s birthday party on the weekend of the 18th. 

No answer

Of course, I thought. Busy body mother will not answer me. I walked into the office and whispered her question to her mom. 

A thumbs up gave me the answer I needed. I picked up a post-it and wrote:


Make sure to RSVP to Louise.


Perfect. Now I ran upstairs again to finish my book. There is something about a good murder mystery in the middle of winter to curl up and read. 

“Sweetie! Come down here!” my mom called me down yet again.

“What now?”

“Come here!  I have something to ask you. I only have two minutes.”

Right, busy body mother. “Coming!!”

I ran downstairs, narrowly missing the banister three times. When I was little, my mom would always say, “Oh, here comes the elephants!!” whenever I went down the stairs. Smiling, I approached my new, busier, more “official” mother.

“ Yeah, Mom?”

“Who is this Louise of yours?”

I laughed. Mom could never keep track of my friends, no matter how efficient she was. “Well, um remember that girl who I was friends with and then was not and now kind of am.” Her blank face told me that she did not. “Well that’s her.”

“Oh, okay honey. But if she’s not your friend, are you sure you want to go?”

“She’s my sort of friend. Do not worry Mom. What is the worst she could do? Besides a lot of my really good friends are going to be there.” Mom gave me a skeptical look. Suddenly her phone started ringing. Putting a finger up to excuse herself, she left.

I was seriously tired of this busy body mother and I just wish there was some way for her to go back to her old happy self that was not so stressed all the time and more...well happier. She used to joke around with me all the time, and she would always enjoy my friends company. Now she was like a robot that only thought about work, work, and you guessed it, work.

I sighed. Like that would ever happen. And I slowly made my way over to my bedroom where my book lay. 


The End

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