mystery unsolved

the story takes place in a small town called chicago where everyone knows each other except for ashley, her brother, and parents who are new to town. As time goes on the town and family find out alot of strange things about each other.

the town itself has always been known to greet new people ,but when ashley and her family arrives they get the vibe that no one really wants them to be there. as they drive along the street no one greets them or smiles at them to make them feel welcome. so the family just looks straight ahead to their destination. upon arrival they run into this elderly lady who lives next door, but the elderly lady doesnt seem to be an normally senior citizen that lives next door. seeing as though she gave them a letter really fast and said "not out here". the family stopped and glanced around the neighborhood to see someone quickly close their curtains as if they were spying. they look back at each other with a sense of lostness and quickly made their way into their new home. as soon as they got inside and settled down for the night they all sat down to the table and proceeded to open the mysterious letter......

The End

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