the stranger

It was an hour before the nurse came back. my head was full of questions. my nerves shot.

"Hello Miss Daniels. Feeling a bit better?"

I gave him a look. 

"well you're spirit has returned, thats for sure." he chuckled

"I dont understand." 

"welcome to the club." The laughter disappeared from his face. "In the hour since we last met I've been enlightened on your um… special situation."

"which is?"

"I'm not exactly entirely sure myself. the whole thing makes no sense to me. but the doctor will be in to see you soon, and then, if your up for it, you have some visitors."

"detectives?" I aksed. "I already told you I don't know anything."

" Yes. detectives. and a Mr. Patrick Fitsgerald."


"Like the saint."

"I don't know any Patricks."

"well you know this one. " a voice called from the door frame.

"Mr. Fitzgerald. you don't have permission to be here yet." 

I recognized the face immediately

"She'll see me." He said with absolute certainty.

"Who are you?" I asked slowly.

 "I'm the man who saved your life." 

The End

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