the dream

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summary: March eleventh 2013. An entire NYC Q subway train mysteriously disappears in an incident that would go on to be known as 'the mystery Q". The train goes missing at approximately 3:30 pm on its way from  Union square to canal street. One hundred seventy three people were aboard. One hundred seventy three people never make it to their stops. It's as if they vanish out of thin air. Their loved ones are left with many questions and absolutely no answers. Officials ponder the possibilities of what could have happened. Newscasters and Reporters hunt for any clues to the passengers whereabouts.  Politicians debate with each other whose to blame. "Experts" are hired. Possible witnesses are interrogated.. Fingers are pointed. Everyone comes up empty. With zero leads, zero observers, and zero answers, police are baffled. The mystery Q stumps everybody. Three foreign terrorist organizations take responsibility but no one is able to come up with how they pulled off such a large disappearing act. Some claim the whole thing is a conspiracy cooked up by the US media. That the whole thing never happened in order to gain sympathy from the international community.. conspiracy theories are just that, though. theories. For two years, Cassie, like the rest of the world, was left in the dark. That is, until she woke up in the actual darkness on the floor of a shed in the middle of who knows where. her arms were covered in blood and scars. but not all the blood was hers. surrounding her, ontop of her, underneath her were bodies. One hundred seventy three bodies to be exact. 


"what are you doing?" The young man asks me. He's familiar looking, handsome, with soft features. 

"I have to do this." I tell him, my voice barely above a whisper.

The wind blows my hair into my eyes. I peer over the edge to see what awaits me. It's a long way down.  Any other day I would describe the scenery as beautiful. Today it's just terrifying.

"You don't!" The boy says. "We'll find a way!"

"This is the way." I say solemnly. "Its the only way now."

"No." he shakes his head not wanting to accept the truth. We're out of options. there's only one choice to be made now. At least this way it'll buy us time.

"If you do this," He starts. "You'll be cursed. He won't just take this. He'll find a way to bring you back and make you suffer."

"I know." I take a step forward. towards the abyss. "I'll probably pay for this for eternity."

"Then don't do this! what could be worth that?"

I turn and smile sadly, reaching out to stroke his cheek.


"i don't want to lose you!"

"you won't. never." I swear. "We'll meet again. You know this won't be it for me. I'll find my way back to you." 

"I promise I'll figure out a way…" he begins

"I know." I almost laugh then add. "you'll have a thousand years to find it "

"Meet me back here. Before the comet comes. Swear to me."

"Nothing could keep me away."

"I love you." The words escape his lips as I leap off the cliff.

I love you too, I think just before the brief twist of agony runs through me and my neck snaps, flung through the gales.

its cold.

My neck feels sore. My entire everything feels sore. I'm laying on something bony jabbing me in my side. I'm too exhausted to open my eyes and my heads way to heavy to even think of lifting it. 

Thats when I notice it. The smell. It's so foul, that my eyes force themselves open. 

Then I scream.

The bony thing I was lying on? actual bones. limbs. bloody and jagged. They look like they've been torn off bodies. Then there are the bodies. I'm onto of a mound of them. One seems to stare at me through hollows. The eyes have been gouged out. Weird Symbols are carved into their skin. My skin too.  Im too weak to move.

Where am I? this has to be a nightmare. but it's not. Its too real. 

I could never have imagined these images on my own. Now Ill never be able to get them out of my head. 

The End

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