So Who's the Prey?

Five hours of IMing, and chatting unearthed nada.  Nobody knew somebody who knew somebody who knew a hacker who could trace the bunny virus. No one had heard some one who'd heard some one who'd bragged adout an ubervirus.  You couldn't sneeze in Antartica without somebody FaceBooking it.  So how could nobody know about the person who'd made the virus? 

With a snarling moan, Lexi surrendered yet more brain cells to the desk.

"**** **** **** ****!"

Ted stormed out of his room, praticuly shaking the house as he slamed the door. Lexi saw his laptop's screen thru the door that bounced open.  So many rabitts hopped across it, she couldn't see the desktop. nbsp; Bunnies multiplied all the time she watched, but still no hawk came to chase them away.

The End

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