The Plot Thickens...

As the day wore on, Lexi recieved more and more messages concerning the bizarre rabbit-and-hawk image that kept reappearing everywhere. Umberchild was not the only one to have seen it and, as more and more people became aware of it - or, more than likely, had it attack their screens as well - news spread like a wildfire across the web.

"Okay. This is really weird." Lexi mused to herself. How did everyone know so much about this weird avatar? She'd never seen it before, but more than half of those who mentioned it said that it had come to them before. Lexi recieved a message later that day from SpookOfNight, another author with whom she conversed regularly.

This is freaky (the message read) My laptop's as old as Jurassic dinosaur dung and yet it can still support this bizarre avatar (hee hee, it rhymes!) Normally it throws up if I so much as try to download new anti-virus for it! ... weird.

"O-kay." said Lexi. Why Spook had told her this she had no idea, but it did tell her something about the avatar. It must have been made of something very basic to be able to infiltrate all the different computers.

Lexi decided to ask around the site, seeing if she could find anyone who knew about this sort of thing. There must be some techies out there, right? Surely one of the thousands of site members must be able to understand these things?

"Alright bunny thing." she cackled. "Two can play at this game. Let's find out where you came from..."

The End

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