Mystery of the Traveling Avatar

What does an elite hacker on the side of justice have to do with an internet avatar? We shall see.

"What the..." Lexi swore.  She scowled at the rabbits hopping across the screen.  This was the third virus to invade her computer this week.  "And I just got the new anti-virus Tuesday," she moaned.  Thunk. She didn't bother swearing again.  After this, she really didn't care if her head hit the desk a little harder than she'd meant it to.  "This day can't get any worse," she mumbled.

The speakers chirped sweetly, and Lexi shifted her gaze.  A digital hawk  swooped after one of the virus bunnies, and the hateful thing vanished. It dove again and another was gone.  In less than a minute the bird alone.  It shook its feathers smuggly and vanished.

"'Curousier and curousier," she murmured.  A few deft clicks revealed all of her files to be intack.  Another click showed the site she was surfing.  Everything was the same, except she had a new comment.

UmberChild: Just thought I'd say, I usted to have that avatar.

The End

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