Mystery of Family History

Lisa Stone held the black phone high above her head, ready to smack or call 911. She'd been hearing a loud clanging noise, and the sound of her fridge opening and closing. She decided to go investigate. As she was about to reach for the door handle to the kitchen, the knob twisted before she had time to grab it. She swallowed a gulp of saliva that she had been holding back in her mouth. She pierced her eyes shut, and as she slowly heard the door open, she slammed the phone on the intruders head. When she decided to open her eyes, who she saw laying on the floor made her cry and laugh at the same time. With his black shaggy hair in his face, his skin looking a lot more pale than usual, and a little blood dripping down from his forehead, was her very own brother.

"Hey, John." Lisa said slowly, entering the all glass hospital room.

"Ugh, leave me alone!" John protested, eating a huge bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream-- his favorite-- with whip cream and caramel sauce.

'I just wanted to say I was sorry for the whole, smacking you thing. It was stupid of me to act so quickly." Lisa repeated her mothers exact words that she had used to scold Lisa. She left out the part where mom yelled, "You're in seventh grade! You should have known to call me if you heard strange noises!" Just then, John's nurse, Mariah walked in with a beautiful smile on her face.

"How we doin'?" she asked sweetly, picking up John's empty ice cream bowl and simply plopping it in the sink.

"I'm good, except for the fact that my sisters a worthless dweeb." John smirked at his own humor. Lisa looked at Mariah. She had golden blond hair with a blue embroidered barrette placed perfectly in place with her pony tail.

Later on, Lisa returned to John's room with a garden salad from the cafeteria. She opened the plastic case and started to dig in. She missed lunch, so she was starving. As Mariah sat there, scribbling down notes on her notepad, Lisa noticed that she had the same exact ring that Lisa's dad had given her. Her father had passed away about 5 years ago, and this ring was one of a kind. There were only about 3 in the whole world, and only her father could get them, since he worked at the Museum of Fine Arts.

"Hey, I have the exact same ring." Lisa said to Mariah, cutting an over-sized carrot into bite-size pieces.

"How funny," Mariah replied, not laughing at all. In fact, she looked nervous. She swirled the ring around her finger, like she was deciding to take it off or not.

"My dad gave it to me." Lisa stated, trying to make conversation.

"Who was your dad again?" Mariah asked, her voice high like she was in pain, or about to cry.

"Gregory Stone. He died from cancer, like--"

"5 years ago, I know. I went to high school with him, and I read it in the paper. I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's okay." Lisa said, shrugging. She stabbed up a piece of lettuce and a tomato, but then let it slide back into the bowl.

"Your dad was a good man," Mariah blurted, before trotting out of the room, a trail of perfume following behind her.

"What's that?" John asked, pointing to a notepad on the table next to his bed. Lisa picked it up. It read:

Get DNA Sample.  Lisa...


The End

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