“Nick! Nick!”

I turned to see Jeremy running towards me. He was running as
fast as his little legs could carry him.

Jeremy was shorter than a ten year old. ADHD does not work
well for kids his age. He has facial hair though, which helped people realize
that he isn’t in elementary school. His black hair was long for average guy’s
hair, but it worked well for him. Mine was about an inch shorter than his. But instead
of black, it was blonde.

I stopped in the hall and turned around.

“What do you want” I asked. He stopped in front of me,
trying to catch his breath.

“There’s a new girl” he said, panting between words.

“A new girl” I asked, raising an eyebrow.  I heard footsteps down the hall, coming from
the way he came. A girl came around the corner. She had long, brown hair and
was wearing a short skirt. She was walking down the hall, books in her arms,
covering her chest. She was coming towards us. I couldn’t take my eyes away…

The End

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