Mystery GirlMature

Falling in love comes with complications. But for Nicholas, love comes with a price. fighting with and for the girl he loves.

I still remember the days when I seemed to fall in love with
every girl in school. My freshman and sophomore years. The girls were beautiful,
fun and curious. But in the middle of my sophomore year though, we got a new
girl. A girl who intrigued me in many ways. She wasn’t curious like all the
other girls, but she was beautiful.


A girl with long brown hair, which didn’t compliment her
eyes. She seemed soulless at first, but It all began my junior year…

one day when I fell in the hall, I saw her smile and laugh. I
smiled at her with one thought on my mind.

She will be mine. . . .

Her black eyes gave her a sense of mystery, as they still do
today. She always kept to herself. But I couldn’t help myself from the day I saw
her. I loved her. And to this day, she is and always will be my wonderful wife,

As we went through high school together, I started learning
things about her that I wouldn’t have expected. In a way, she became my enemy. I
was an agent. Agent Nicholas 3.5.

It all began my junior year…


The End

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