Chapter 3

We looked around the room. One members of the Bratz Inc was missing.Me, Angel and Rose searched for Riya all over the mess. Finally we found her in the parking area, looking scared and shocked. We rushed up to her and found my cell in her hand, which had the camera feature turned on. Rose took the mobile from her and saw a photo clicked in it.

A dinosaur's head.

We screamed and screamed and screamed (after some time we forgot why, but we still screamed). Riya calmed us down. We asked her what happened, she told us that she went outside the room to check the fuse and lost the way in the dark. She came to the parking area by mistake, and tripped on a stone. Because she tripped, she started the camera mode by mistake, and clicked a photo. Seeing it was a dinosaur meant that this dinosaur was somewhere really close to Riya when she clicked the photo by mistake.

We all started searching for this dinosaur. We searched the whole parking area, the Mess, the roads, everywhere - but we couldn't find it. So we decided to follow evidences. We followed Riya's footsteps from the Mess to the parking area. We closely followed each footprint and reached the last one. It led us to ....

A potted plant.

We were confused. A plant? It was a potted plant in a pot with mud in it and few leaves scattered around the mud. How was this plant related to a dinosaur..? We were thinking of this when Angel said, "lets click photos of this area, and see if any of them matches this photo." So we started clicking photos of the place. Rose clicked a photo of one of the leaves just like that. Suddenly I noticed something - it was exactly like the photo Riya clicked.

It was a bunch of leaves and humus.Which was lying in a way that it looked like a dinosaur fossil.

Ok, we felt pretty stupid. But but but - we cracked the case!Bratz Investigation Team rules!!

(The Guy is still reading the 39435 pages, by the way.)

The End

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