Chapter 2

Guy: You have some conditions..?

Riya: Yes. We already have understood what happened to ur relative. But if u want us to tell u, we have some terms and conditions u will need to understand and accept.

Guy: (getting scared) Uh umm.. Ok tell me..

Rose: The conditions are:-

Condition One.We don't accept payment in cash. You will have to dance for us. Specifically - do the ballroom dancing couple dance without a partner.

Guy: Huh? But .. how will I do ballroom dancing without a partner?

Roohani: That's for u to decide. Pay attention to the next condition.

Condition Two.If you don't dance for us, we are going to torture u.

Guy: (sweating) Oh god!.. If I don't dance what will u do to me? Please don't torture me.. Will u all punch me all over my face?

Angel: No.

Guy: Will u give me an electric shock?

Roohani: No.

Guy: Will u try to murder me?

Rose: No.

Guy: Then.. how will u torture me?

Riya: We will make u listen to the Hindi version of all High School Musical songs and watch the whole movie "Hello" with no interval in between.

Guy: Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii (falls down and faints)(After some time)

Guy: Yes.. Don't torture me I'll dance..

Angel: Good. Now the third condition.

Guy: No, please.. I can't hear any more!

Rose: Ok. Take this book and read all 39435 pages which state our conditions and rules. You better learn all of them.

Guy: But this will take me ages.. I'll die before I finish it.

Riya: Yes we know. That's how ur relative died, by the way.

The conversation was going quiet and silent and calm and serene and peaceful when SUDDENLY the lights went off. We heard a scream, which was followed by a sound of the clicking of a photo. And the lights came back again.


The End

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