Mystery Files of the 'Bratz'

Once upon a time, there existed a place called C.O.D Mess in the deep dark corners of the Central Ordnance Depot in Jabalpur. One night, there was a party in this Mess where me and my three friends Angel, Riya and Rose arrived. We were minding our own business when we heard two guys behind us talking.


Guy One: You know.. one of my relatives is no more, and I suspect it wasn't a natural death..Guy Two: Omg. Did u go to the police?

Guy One: Of course not, they're going to complicate this further.. Do u know anyone else I can go to, who might be able to investigate?

Guy Two: Yes! You can go to the Bratz Investigation Team Pvt Ltd! They are four people who investigate such matters. They're here tonight, sitting over there. Go and talk to them.

After which Guy One slowly approached us. We slowly turned to face him. He slowly looked at each of us. We slowly looked at each other. He slowly looked down. We slowly looked back at him. He slowly looked up at us. I slowly asked, "Why are we being so slow? What do u want?"

Guy One: One of my relatives is no more, and I'm suspecting it wasn't natural. Some people say something strange happend to him, but no one really knows. Would u please investigate this case for me?

Angel: Conditions Apply!


The End

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