The factory was a quiet place. No one usually came here. (With the exception of Jimmy walking toward his hideout) It was almost dusk and there was the sound of footsteps. A girl with long dark blue hair bright blue eyes walked toward the factory, with a slight limp on her right leg. Perched on her shoulder was a small black dragon.

"Midnight we could run you know." the dragon said, speaking in dragonese.

"You heard what he said, Fear. I don't need that kind of 'pay'" she replied also in dragonese. Fear sighed in defeat. They had been coming here for six years now because no one else would hire them. Now they were begining to wonder if it had been wise to take the job.

The boss had hired them straight away but what they didn't know were the consequences of agreeing.

Fear began sniffing the air. "There's someone here." Midnight froze slightly. No one was supposed to know that they were coming here. Fear flew off of Midnight's shoulder and continued to sniff around. "I found something!" he had stopped in from of a sandy hill. On the hill were holes. Midnight looked through one of the holes and found herself looking at..

a boy!

The End

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