A young sixteen year old girl with a lime green hoodie, ripped jeans, and long black hair was leaning against the wall. She was a tiny thing and looked as if she hadn't seen the sun for years. From her appearance you would think she was just another homeless street urchin who wasn't wanted. But that was only what she wanted you to think. She was the one who no one knew where she came from. She was....


1"Om prost." she muttered, her hood hiding her face, as she listened to the High Peaceventor as he spoke on the television. He was anouncing all the new rules that had been made through out the week.

Next to Phantom was the area where they kept all the animals the town had. She smiled and snapped her fingers 2"Deschide" she whispered. There was a round of clicks as the animal pens unlocked. 3"Alerga." she spoke in a normal voice. The animals began to flood the town, destroying anything in their path. Through the chaos no one saw Phantom run out of the town toward the factory.

Translation for the language Phantom uses.
1. "Stupid humans."
2. "Unlock."
3. "Run."

The End

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