Mystery After Dusk

In the land of Joints Ville there are three teenagers who will have to work together to save the land and themselves.
Jimmy is a young orphan boy who's a very good inventor. He's rejected in the local town so he lives next to an old run down factory that's been closed down for years.
Phantom is a mysterious girl. No one knows where she came from or even her real name. No one's even seen her! (with the exception of Jimmy) They've only seen the town after she plays her pranks.
Midnight has been

Next to an old run down factory was a giant rock. But this wasn't just any old rock. Behind it was a tunnel. Multiple tunnels actually. They were all made by a young seventeen year old orphaned boy who was named Jimmy.

Jimmy was a highly intellegent boy. He was an inventor but inventors weren't welcome in the land of Joints Ville. The High Peaceventor and his councilers despised anything new. So did the people. So he had been thrown out of the local towns and this was the only place he could find peace.

A dog was one out of two of his only companions. He named the dog Sniffles because the dog was always sneezing. The reason why was unknown to Jimmy but he kept the dog anyway.

His second companionn was a girl who only showed up when she wanted to. He didn't even know her real name. All he knew is that she was from somewhere far from here because she was always speaking in another language when she wanted to, was excited or mad, or when she wanted to annoy Jimmy. And that she liked to be called Phantom

Jimmy had been working on connecting a car battery to a TV to make it work when Sniffles ran back into the main room, his tale between his legs. Something had spooked him. Quickly he put his tools down and ran to see what had scared the dog.

The End

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