Day one

The story is about a girl who believes she has found Justin Bieber, she goes through a LOT to figure out this mystery. She has been tracking down Justin for many of years (stalker), and she never gave up. It could be possible that her dream had come true, and her life had been completed.

I sat down. I couldn't believe that I haven't found a SINGLE trace of Justin Bieber. It has been over 2 years that I have been looking for him... I lied down, I remained staring at the clock waiting for time to go by. 

*Ring* *Ring*

I sat up. I tilted my head to the side and sighed, mom. Mom always calls me right after she had arrived to work, every morning. I slowly bent down, and picked up the phone.

"Yes mom?", I said tiredly. "Rebecca? Are you alright???", mother had said suspiciously. 'This is the first time she had ever asked me if everything was alright...', "Well uh, yeah, why? What's going on?", Mother fell silent. "Is he not there?"... 'What?' I had thought to myself. "What do you mean??", I said loudly. "John, is he not there?", I did a face-palm, mother's boyfriend is John and he always leaves the house unattended. "No, John left earlier, didn't he tell you?", mother fell silent again. The phone had disconnected. 

In the parents bed room, John's phone was going off. I tip-toed in their slowly to make sure John wasn't in the room. He wasn't. 'What a surprise.', I thought in a sarcastic tone. I walked up to a picture. It was... Justin Bieber? What the heck? 'Is John into Justin Bieber?!' I had thought. I picked up the picture, and looked at the back.  

To be continued.

The End

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