The Thing in the Basement

Harriet immediately panicked. She stood up and banged on the door. "Someone let me out!" She shouted. Nobody answered. Suddenly something sighed behind her. She couldn't see anything for the darkness. She shuffled up to the door and tried to make her eyes ajust. She couldn't see anything at all. A grunting came from the back of the room. Panting, Harriet heard a voice. "How did you get in here? I do not need another child!" The deep voice shouted.

 "Um...," Harriet stumbled, "If you'd just let me out then I'd never disturb you again ever." A deep grumble echoed round the basement. "No. My master has made a change to his plan. Complete the deed and you will be released," The mysterious voice growled. 

"What is it?" Harriet gasped. A hand reached out into Harriet's view. It was green and it dragged her into the darkness... 

The End

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