Mysterious Happenings

Mysterious things happen and nobody knows why.

One dark stormy night, thunder cackled loudly through the sky and lightning surged down towards the muddy ground. Something howled from outside. Indoors was still. Silence echoed through the house. A soft buzz suddenly broke the eerie silence. A panting followed the buzzing. The panting was coming from the basement. Hetty crept into it. The panting stopped. Hetty turned to go back up the creaky stairs when something grabbed her. She screamed and dropped the torch she had. It smashed when it hit the floor and she was plunged into darkness. She wailed, calling for help, as she was dragged further and further into the darkness. It seemed never to end. It was going on for too long. The basement wasn't this far down. Hetty gave up fighting and shouting and she let the creature pull her as she was exhausted and would never be able to fight the creature that was dragging her down.

Her mother would never had known what happen to her daughter the night the meeting about the thing had happened. Nobody would ever know.....  

The End

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