Mysterious Girl

this girl runs away but leaves her pets behind ten she goes back and all that is there is her mum crying in the corner of the empty small spare room.

I got up from my chair,  grabbed my coat and went out the door. It was the middle of the night but i9t didn't feel like it. It feels like it is the afternoon at presisley 2 pm. I walked and walked and walked and then suddenly i stoped, thinking why i ran away into the darkness when all my pets were at home.

'My name is Cindy and I am 13 years old. I have a border collie named Cloe and a white fluffy cat named Cinthia. I knew that running away was a bad idea and that I couldn't leave my pets' The report I filled for the police. I didn't say why I was running away because I will be put in a carehome for sure.

When I am older I want to be a vet because I love animals, I know sometimes animals die but it doesn't leave them in pain. I have grown up with Cloe and Cinthia and that are my best and only friends.

At my school in Welford youy can choose wether or not you can do your GCSE's in 1, 2 or 3 years. I chose 3 years because it seems easier doing test and work spread out instead of doing them all at once. I am glad my school is doing that because I will get stressed out otherwise. I know i'm smart and everything but with me studying to be a vet aswell, it can be quite difficult. 

The End

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