The Beginning

I walked down the hall to the gym, alone. The outside of the school was like something from a kiddie movie compared to the horrifying inside. The floor was old maple and looked like it hadn't been replaced in centuries. The lockers were probably the newest thing in this school besides the technology additions. 

The floor creaked beneath my steps. A dodgeball hit me in the head, snapping me back into reality, as I opened the door to the gym, throwing me onto my back. Whoever threw it had a killer arm, I thought to myself. The coach came running over and so did the guy who threw it. "Are you ok," Coach asked "that was some hit." 

"Uh, I guess, just have a headache." I shakily stood up. "I'm the new student, Amanda." I said as i rubbed my aching head. I heard the guy sigh, I almost forgot he was there. 

"Man! That makes me  feel even worse! What a way to start off a in a new school," He grinned at me then said "I'm Kyle, worst greeter ever." I smiled. Coach, whose name was so hard to pronounce that we just called him coach, showed me where the girls locker room was. He told me to change then come see him. I quickly changed  and met him where he said i'd be in the 3rdA group. I went to the second gym and was greeted by a taller girl with fiery red hair down to her waist, and bright green eyes. She introduced herself as Lea. She stuck close to me throughout the class to make sure I was getting adjusted properly. I went throughout the class with no trouble and a few greetings of welcome. After I changed I headed to Science, After a few seconds I heard the padding of sneakers behind me, I turned to see Kyle jogging towards me. 

"Hey! Amanda! Wait a sec!" I stood there grinning. His dusty brown hair was going every which way, his deep olive eyes were smiling with excitement, and he was smiling the widest grin I had ever seen. As I stood there waiting for him I thought to myself, I think I found my first friend here.

The End

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