Thr doors to my bus opened, I waited to be the last one. I got up silently, and headed out. I nodded to the bus driver and stepped down. I knew I got looks from everyone on my way to the office. A country girl in a big city school, not the best combonation. I asked the secretary which way to the counselors and she pointed right down the hall. I went to the ninth grade counselor and asked about my scheduele. She asked my last name and printed out my scheduele. I had P.E., Science, Algebra, Art, History, Theatre, Latin, and English all in that order. I picked up my gym clothes and went to my locker to drop off my stuff. The halls were crowded even though the bell already rang. I was bumped and shoved, most by the "popular" kids, some by wannabe gangsters. I opened my locker to find it vandalized and trashed. I sighed, put away my stuff, and slammed my locker shut. This caught the attention of one of the boys in the "populars". He turned his head and for a brief moment, I saw a look of curiosity and sympathy in those clear blue eyes. He looked away, I continued walking to gym, I hoped I would meet at least one new friend today. Maybe it would be him. Then the voice, "The entrance, the entrance, find it. . . " I looked around. No one.

The End

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