No More World

That eerie high school lurked in my dreams that night. It awaited my arrival, it awaited my first steps and my last. I couldn't stop picturing this curving staircase, twisted and wrought with weak iron steps. It led to an empty hall with no doors except for one window. It was big enough to step through, but it wasn't something that looked like anyone ever had. The window was clear, but you couldn't see past it. Its like someone hung a curtain just far enough away from the window to keep something hidden. An alarm? My hand involentarily moved for the button on  my alarm clock. That explains it. I rolled my eyes and got dressed in my usual blue jeans and t-shirt. I slipped my sneakers on and headed for the kitchen. Mom left me a note saying when the bus would come and where. Great, a bus on my first day. I ate my cereal quickly then brushed my teeth and headed out the door taking the spare key with me. I scrambled down the steps to the bus stop and waited for my chariot of doom. It squealed up about five minutes later and the driver gave me an overlook. She was older, probably about her mid forties, early fifties. She wore a sweatshirt and sweat pants the color of the pavement. I got on and looked for an empty seat, I didn't dare look at the faces of anyone. I knew I was being stared at, I mean, why wouldn't I? I was from a small town in Montana whereas these kids were from a huge city. I sat down in an empty seat in the back and looked out the window as the bus doors closed and the rain started falling.

The End

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