One More

Biology wasn't hard, Kyle walked me to class, I wish he could have stayed but he had to go to home-ec. I talked to my new teacher, Mr. Litten, I was doing my best not to laugh. He pointed to a desk in the back row, I looked at the one beside it and saw the same guy from the hallway. My face immediately flushed, I walked to my desk feeling the eyes of the room burning at my back. I looked up and saw him staring too, but it was the way he stared. His eyes had such kindness and sympathy in them. They were like calming blue waves, lighted by a morning sunrise. They were framed by long eyelashes, and gentle features. His brown hair hung in them ever so slightly, and then fell to the middle of his neck, gently touching it here and there. A smooth nose led through lightly dusted freckles to lips that seemed to have a permanent slight smile. I looked to my desk and sat down. I looked up to see another girl staring at me. She didn't have any kindness in her eyes, just more of hate, or was it jealousy? She was pretty though, she had blonde hair, though it obviously wasn't her natural color, brown eyes, a small nose, and a tight pink mouth. She turned away, her eyes rolling in her head. I looked around, I felt kind of inferior here, everyone seemed to have a beautiful face it seemed. I felt boring and ordinary. I never considered myself ugly, just quite the opposite actually, but here i felt ordinary. Just another face. I had soft blonde, waist-length hair, that just hardly fell into my eyes. I wasn't tall, but I wasn't short either. I was thin, not too thin, just enough to look good. I had, what people said, perfectly curved lips, and a smooth nose. My eyes i guess were my favorite part of myself, they were blue, but they weren't the usual aqua blue, they were more of a baby blue. The popped behind my dark, long eyelashes, and my dark blue - lightly applied - eyeliner.

I had a run in with the next cliche of the entire move, during class. I dropped my pencil and who should lean down to get it at the exact same time as me? The guy next to me. I paused and he took that opportunity to grab it and put it right back on my desk, I mumbled shyly " Thanks." Thinking he didn't hear me, I then heard:

" Your welcome," he paused, "my name's Logan." He whispered.

"Amanda." I replied

" I know." The bell rang, and with a smile he got up and walked through the crowding hallway. I looked up to see that same girl staring at me with, what was definitely jealousy AND hate combined. She walked away, leaving me alone in the room. Except for the emerging voice from the corners of the room.

" The entrance! Find it!" I jumped up and rushed out, leaving the voice alone as i was swallowed with the crowd.

The End

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