Mysteries Past

Its really just somthing i have on my computer thats not done and i want to finish and see what people think about it.

You’d think that meeting the end in a horrible demise would be the worst thing that anyone could think of. It’s not. Doom is easily explained by two little words; High School. Oh sure, yeah it’s just high school, but when your becoming a freshman at a new high school, in a brand new city, you wish you could have met that monster under you bed when you were five. But no monsters existed under there, the only monsters in the world were and are the teachers who wish you’d shut up and do your work so they don’t have to look or deal with you. And of course parents once you get in trouble. I’m not one to get in trouble though; I’ve always been the “Goodie-two-shoes” as the other kids called me. I never really cared about the teasing or harassment, because I knew they’d amount to nothing with their attitudes.

          Maybe I was wrong about them the whole time I lived in that little rinky-dink town I loved to call home. But yet, my family and I left it for this big city life. My father explains it as expanding my horizons and building character. But that’s the response I expect from a parent who’s a therapist. My mother, on the other hand, tried to talk my dad out of it, for she felt comfortable in the quiet countryside, but my dad being dad wriggled his way from her grasp of the country and convinced her that the city would be a great opportunity. No one consulted me about this move until the day before we left; surprisingly my dad had finished packing my stuff by the time my mom was done explaining why and where we were going. So the three of us packed into the old station wagon and headed for New York, New York, it’s a huge change from the small Montana town of Lucky Springs.

          Leaving the town was the easy part, because everyone I despised and who had teased me was left there to rot while I headed for New York. The entire city was overwhelming and bigger than our tallest building, but my new high school was the most intimidating. It towered over the trees like a giant, it separated you from the world, and it definitely didn’t look as it had been made recently. Vines crept up the sides of the two story building as dead trees surrounded the campus. Not my idea of paradise. But alas, it was forced upon me.

The End

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